10 Things Every EDM Artist Should Have in Their Presskit

presskit blur 10 Things Every EDM Artist Should Have in Their Presskit

Being a music blogger can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, you're getting sent a shitload of music, but you're getting sent a shitload of music. Outside of the fact that you're going to get more crap than gold (sorry, crappers), your inbox gets filled quickly with promotional emails from a wide range of artists. Most seasoned vets will have their ducks in a row: proper photos, MP3s or proper streaming site links, etc. Then you get the ones from people who seem to be well-intentioned, but end up wasting your time by the sheer lack of thought put into constructing their email to you. No, we're not talking grammer, we're talking lack of a proper presskit.

How can you send someone an email, expecting to get posted on their site, and not include basic things like a photograph? Or general information on you and what you're about? Or a way to contact you back? EDM's on an upswing, and we get that everyone is talented and wants to get ahead, but the fact of the matter is: If you want to be a rockstar, you have to act like a rockstar, and that includes making sure all sides of your square are perfect before sending it out.

Instead of banging our heads against our desks (it hurts!), we figured we'd give you budding producers and DJs a guide to what you should be sending any music blogger, but especially to the EDM blogs that, with just a few key pieces, could turn you from a "hey, that dude's beats are dope" to "we need to be signing this dude right now!"

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  • gina

    It seems to me, in an article about how to appear professional in the music industry, the author needs to remember to run a spell check (and grammar check as their are a few errors in this article)…..just saying

    • Go Do Something.

      I had written a huge rage paragraph on how much I don’t like you considering you yourself began your rant with an unnecessary comma, spelled “there” wrong, and interrupted your sentence with a parentheses and was like “fuck that sentence, end rant now”, but I decided I’d just leave you with this.

      This is how the Internet sees you, dick.

  • ARExec

    Great article.

    Don’t worry about Gina, if that’s all she got out of this article, she will not be going very far.