10 Ways the United States Failed Dubstep

skrillex america li 10 Ways the United States Failed Dubstep

America completely dropped the ball with dubstep in the past five years. The true innovators in the genre have been pushed to the side and left in the dust. As people seriously think post-dubstep is a cool term to use (as if the genre is completely dead), I'm looking back and just shaking my head at the artists that were picked to represent the genre in the United States. There's nothing wrong with popularity. I don't hate success, but these big giant sounds, drops, and super aggressive tracks have nothing to do with the roots of dubstep, and pretty much engulfed all other forms of bass music from 2008 through 2012 as far as the public eye was concerned.

Seeing TRC make house records and Jakes making techno doesn't sit right with me. If they were truly supported by the mainstream and awarded the money and exposure they deserved, it would be one thing. I would applaud them for trying something else out. But they aren't, and it seemed like they tried their hardest to make records from the heart that never quite took off. American acts like Starkey, FaltyDL, and DJG are absolute genius producers, but don't get the bookings that Datsik and Chase & Status do.

I decided to pinpoint a couple ways that we failed the genre, the pioneers, and the true enthusiasts. It's all a generalization, but my hope is that a brief evaluation of some of the factors that led to big floor stomping records as the standard dubstep in America will lead to discussion on how to do things different in order to support all genres of electronic music in the years to come.

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  • Substant

    One of the best DAD’s articles I’ve ever read.

  • Jbixz

    this shit is stupid as hell

  • Crymoreforreal

    Wow I just read a lot of bitching.

    • WhothefuqisDJnappy

      LOL, this just in, DJ who no ones ever heard of taking shots at people who do about 2 tours a year. Nothing to see here but saltiness, move along. lol

  • 6

    Music is what the artist wants it to be, not what the genre or it’s fore fathers dictate. This is a terrible article that is solely based on a butt hurt hipsters lack of understanding what makes music art.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      i hear what you’re saying in the first sentence, but don’t see how the second correlates to what was brought up here.

    • matty

      Um no. If you’re into bro-step, you have no idea what makes music art. The real innovative artist stopped making dubstep like 4 years ago. You’re buying imitation art that’s been comodified by corporations. The sooner you accept this, the sooner a larger world will open up to you.

      • PleaseKillMe

        Actually, Skrillex has turned down millions in advertising deals, so your typical “corporate” argument isn’t always true. Next.

      • type6

        You sound like the people who say electronic music isn’t music
        Think about that

        • dreamlogicc

          what do you even mean by that?!?

      • Mo

        “The real innovative artist stopped making dubstep like 4 years ago.” LOL wait, what!? you’re saying coki, mala, tunnidge, etc etc all stopped making dubstep? do your homework please.

      • slowfreq

        “why don’t musicians make what i want them to make?”

    • jese

      I think that those who are dancing to Skrilex one day, and Britney the other day do no understand what is music and what is art…

      it is like Blind is leading the Blind

  • Greg

    you think dubstep forums a bunch of snarky nerds? what do you call this entire article if not snarky? this is just some guy whining about shit, adding dubstep forum just cause people didn’t like the bootlegs he did, and being so bitter because people wont “validate how future his team is” you fuckin knob, none of these are valid points its just a bitch doing what he does best, bitch.

    • dreamlogicc

      “what do you call this entire article if not snarky?”

      …i’d call it “Accurate”

    • Mo

      i was cool with everything until the dubstep forum came up. and this comment is spot on about why he hates that site.

  • cody

    music changes over time, whether or not you like it doesn’t matter. For one skrillex was never Dubstep, you talk about ‘edm’ lumping everything together but then you call a brostep artist dubstep. how do you have your foot in the door? Dubstep has never been dance music, there was never a pattern to dance to unlike house or eletro-house. Your article is solely based off of your opinions.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Your comment says “Dubstep has never been dance music,” then end it with “Your article is solely based off of your opinions?”

      Just because YOU can’t dance to it doesn’t mean it’s not dance music.

      • Ignisimo

        i think he means that noone can really “learn” how to dance dubstep and nobody can literally teach you how to dance dubstep.dancing dubstep music is unique cause you can adjust your dancing to you own personal style.

      • Hobofrompoland

        As i’m a “dubstep” dancer (y’know, waves, pops, locks etc) i can’t agree with this shit about dubstep is not a dance music :D

    • NicheByNature

      says “there isn’t a pattern?” and “skrillex was never dubstep?”

      lol…. grab and blanket and go to sleeps sir.

  • Alias
    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal


  • John

    Works visas are there for a reason, to PROTECT American jobs. A Dj flying to the US should have no problem paying 2k for a work permit that is valid for months. They get paid 5k per show anyway at a club.

    I agree with AFK, this article is just some person complaining

    • Random guy

      5k per show? Yeah because the scene only exist because of the big artists,right? … what about the underground producers from Europe? People like F.O.O.L, and many others good producers that never actually did a tour in the US, too bad for you fuckers


        If F.O.O.L. can’t pull at least a 1k gig in America, they don’t need to play in a America … Sorry man, thats business.

        F.O.O.L. is so-so anyway … DJ Hatcha has no problem playing here … and he’s totally underground.

        • a random guy

          LOL, F.O.O.L did tours around Europe and even Australia, fuck your logic

          • BEE DOUBLEU

            Touring the area you’re from and Australia is no amazing feat. Many sub-par artists have toured Europe and Australia. Fuck your emotions?

          • 2Nine

            American level 9999. For the love of god, go f**k yourself.

      • charlie marshall

        There are more infamous, originally dubstep producers from Europe than there are from the US? Too many people believe America is the home of dubstep. :L

    • letsnotmakeassumptions

      5k a show? Most people do not get paid that much

  • guy

    You think Kode9 and Benga are pissed that they aren’t doing Ultra mainstage?

  • Dumbass

    Good god, this blog sucks. Your writing sucks. The other posts on this blog sucks. Your lists are devoid and juvenile. Get a fucking dayjob.

    • Dumbass


  • Fuckthis

    Get the fuck out of here dude, never have I read something more bias and ignorant about the dance music culture, you are the worst writer I have ever seen on an internet blog site.

    • pee pee

      well actually what you just wrote is the worst written most ignorant thing ive ever read….

      • Fuckthis

        Is that you? Were you the one that wrote this article?! Did you make a guest account because you were mad about your comment section?!?!

        • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

          Lol I’m right here… If I had something to say I wouldn’t create a fake account. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion :-)

          • whothefuqisdjnappy

            LOL, bro, face it, you suck. You only wrote this article because you try so hard, still suck, but think your tracks are just as good as these “shitty” DJ’s you talk about. Yet… they get shows and play festivals. Take all this negative energy and do something constructive with it, like trying to not have your tracks sound like a vagina flapping in the wind.

          • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

            You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Appreciate the feedback.

          • whothefuqisdjnappy

            Umm also, it’s little things like, you calling out the US, but name Chase & Status and Datsik by name, both of which are not from the US. They’re from the UK and BC respectively. But you apparently lack knowledge of what youre even complaining about. So how is ANYone supposed to take this bullshit satire seriously? You’re a pathetic excuse for a DJ. I thought DJ’s were supposed to make music, not bitch on blogs. No wonder you don’t get booked for shit you hack.

          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

            where does it say that anyone thought Datsik or Chase & Status were from America? the sentence was about certain artists not getting the bookings that Datsik and C&S got. but you understood that, right?

          • dreamlogicc

            You know you’ve hit some salient points when so many get their jimmies rustled by it :P good work :)

          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal


          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

            the angry commenter calling the writer negative…

          • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

            Who said they were shit DJs? I’m just saying there should be an equal representation. And if I thought my tunes were to the standard our site held they would be on the site. They’re not, and they aren’t. Appreciate you though.

        • matty

          You’re an idiot. Talk to anyone that’s been in the dance music scene for more then 10 years. The current dubstep/trap scene is a joke. The music being made is some of the worst bullshit I’ve ever heard, and the kids that listen to it are trendy sheep.

          • Stefan

            right on it!!

          • I’m better than everyone here

            you are a fucking joke
            GANG$IGN$ & Jay Dakno – Pain
            move along you know nothing bitch

        • Fourtwenty

          fuckthis – how old are you? and have you ever looked into dubstep and what it is and where its from? cause myself and im sure many others have noticed that (generalization) pretty much on a whole any dubstep that has come out of the state sounds like retarded electro shit..(by the way alot of skrillex’s songs are actually electro just the majority of people have no clue how a song is place into genres its the drum beat retard)!? the roots of dubstep are reggae, dub, 2step, drum and bass, grime, and garage. not one of those sound remotely like the shit that comes out of the states hence you my friend have not a leg to stand on! i am a dj and i play some new school dubstep but few and far between. why do i choose older or more minimal because as they say music is a way into the soul and i like to move people in a way that i can take them on a journey thru my set and im sorry but if you think that the likes of skrillex etc has soul you need fucking help! one day im sure you will grow up and wake the fuck up about the world an realise everything started somewhere else and then evolved until then maybe think before you speak…?

          by the way to people who read this also think before replying because drum and bass has had the same problem it was bastardized by America too. and p.s im not having a go at Americans jut the music industry in America which everyone with a clue in the world knows its fucked!

    • WetBunny

      Oh, the sheer irony in your pompous comment. lmao (It’s pity how society perceives ANYTHING these days.)

    • NicheByNature

      spoken like someone who truly is new to the scene…

    • sami

      Does dance music have a culture?

      • khal

        is this a trick question?

  • wow

    Except for the fact that you wouldn’t have a job without any of these things, stop bitching.

  • truhed

    The fact that you didn’t get along with the people on dsf has nothing to do with ‘America failing dubstep’.

  • Anon

    Fucking garbage

  • tyler

    Attention grabbing headline from a whore of a journalist.

  • Jah

    fuck you and your 5 panel techno blog.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      lol that’s awesome.

  • Getdead56

    This article is absolute trash.

  • tyler

    Excuse me while I produce my next album and develop my career around your opinions because we who make music actually care what you think.

    • Rumioant

      keep producing your album.

      if dubstep, make sure you release tracks on monstercat first. them aim to the datsik or skrillex label.

      and then aim to the dumbass festival crowds. they make no clue what djing is. and the bigger the lights, the more they will love you. and they will make you veeeery famous.

      if house, make sure to copy exactly the avicii: In The Studio With Future Music Magazine issue 245 tips. then send your demo to spinning recs.

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        damn, you’re just giving the gems away for free.

  • Hyew

    Imo there are two factions, the original dubstep innovators.. and the brostep innovators. The original innovators were left in the dust, for sure. There’s more than benga, skream and rusko…… you know? lol

    And the brostep-ers are so bored from being mainstream that they decided to move into trap and other pseudo-underground ventures.

    Producers and djs are able to antecipate things earlier than the music fans..

    • charlie marshall

      I agree with everything except for the reason why brostep producers moved away from brostep. Brostep is a hugely oversaturated market now, where people are using identical sounds left, right, and centre! The big names moved because they wanted to take away the spotlight from the up-and-coming producers from the growing genre markets. Because they are already famous, it really wasn’t too hard to do! :L They’re just greedy and in it for the power and the fame. Well a lot of them are anyways, saying all of them are would be unfair! haha



  • Wtf

    This is literally the stupidest article I’ve ever read.

  • letsnotmakeassumptions

    Plastician Symbiosis 09, duh

  • letsnotmakeassumptions

    The festival comment pissed me off. There are lots of good festivals that don’t play mainstream stuff. Get out more, shit.


    I think Nappy is very disenchanted with the vast decline in Dubstep. Although I understand where he’s coming from, I believe there are a few points he’s misinterpreting based on his overall tastes and experiences:

    1. The “Drop” exists and has existed in ALL music for centuries. Writing a song that has a breakdown that builds into a more exciting part didn’t just come to pass when Dubstep hit America. C’mon man don’t be so bitter.

    2. The American Worker’s Visa; it didn’t ruin Rock? Jazz? House? Drum & Bass? Blues? Russian Pop? Vietnamese Pop? Jpop? Kpop? How did it manage to ruin Dubstep? It’s common sense to me that if you can’t lock down $1000 a show, you don’t need to be playing overseas yet. Hell, you don’t need to play outside your city.

    3. Agencies are gonna do whatever is making money at that time. You had no clout, you got no business. Why did you even mention that? Kind of a petty move. “Heartbreak didn’t take a huge leap of faith on me after speaking to me once … and I was right” …. That also has nothing to do with Dubstep.

    4. Platforms: Big festivals book artists they think fans will pay money to see. Most American “dubsteppers” are idiots, I’ll give you that but, I’m sure the Dubstep scene survived just fine before it hit America …. right? So, if it can’t survive in it’s own scene (without America) while America is doing its own thing (big festivals), then the original scene is to blame.

    5.Venues/Bottle Service: Okay these are clubs who are just trying to encompass some electronic music to get some more customers. They already make a killing on V.I.P. buying bottles (bottle services get it?). But, if V.I.P. isn’t into electronic music like that, the club makes no money. Electronic music was never really meant to be bottle service-friendly, it just wasn’t…..get over it.

    6. EDM – Yes the name that signifies the umbrella over all electronic music. The thing is, that name was being used throughout forums way before it got commercialized. I know undergrounders, we wanna blame “The Man” for everything but, THIS time (this one time) it wasn’t their fault.

    7. Skrillex? Cmon man you’re blaming Skrillex? Why cuz he’s the most popular? Who influenced him? Caspa? Rusko? etc. If you hate Bro-step, blame Bro-step not Skrillex. Don’t just smear a massive shit stain on the most popular practitioner. Spread that shit around.

    8. Beatport: Who shops on beatport? Beatport has a dubstep section but, they don’t have Trap, Juke, or Moombahton. Granted BP should broaden their horizon but, this doesn’t correlate with failing dubstep at all.

    9. Dubstep Forums: Hmm… You got into a huge disagreement with a bunch of snobs on the internet?….FUCKKK …. that never happens. Your vagina will be fine. Plenty of electronic fans have never even heard of that forum. I honestly doubt that forum is any real merit on the genre.

    10. Dance Videos: I gotta say of all the sour, childish, petty parts of this post, this one probably takes the cake. You’re mad at dancers for dancing to Dubstep and putting it on youtoube. Think about that statement. People with heightened rhythmic ability are using their talents to express themselves using Dubstep music. How does that ruin the genre? How does that not innovate more people to want to learn to dance and put together crews to show off their skills at the next dubstep show. Originally bboying (breakdancing) was one of the biggest parts of hip hop … And I think I’m being 100% accurate when I say that no rapper as ever asked a bboy to stop doing headspins to his music.

    Look … Styles change, they evolve, or they die. If the foundation of Dubstep abandons the entire genre because of its newest incarnation of creators, then the style is probably a fad. KRS-One didn’t give up on Hip Hop when gangsta rap took off….did he? Neither did Eric B and Rakim, Public Enemy, or Big Daddy Kane. As far as I know DJ Hatcha hasn’t abandoned Dubstep so, there is hope for Dubstep.

    Don’t be such a cry baby.

    • Hobofrompoland

      Aww shit now i feel ashamed for likeing article :D that was bad impuls, as you are right, but the author is kinda (yes, kinda) right too :p ofc blaming forums, dancers and skrillex (whose music i don’t really like- maybe the older songs) is like a shitload of cancer from internet ;)

    • James

      The drop is used in real music sparingly. It’s not in every song. Listen to orbitals album “insides” arguably one of the best electronic dance albums ever made. Do you hear a drop? No? Good you’re paying attention. The concept of a drop being in every song is atrocious. There being more than one drop in a song, is fucking disgusting, lazy, boring song writing.

      You’re right it’s not dubsteps fault. Epic trance was abusing the drop since the late 90′s. Believe it or not, what has happened to dubstep has actually happened to EVERY GENRE of popular electronic music. Dubstep is just the most annoying, rapid pop-culture explosion to date.

      • Malevolence

        The concept of a drop actually can be in quite a bit of songs. Sergei Rachmaninoff even believed such a thing, maybe not specifically called a drop but “He based his interpretations on the theory that each piece of music has a “culminating point.”” And if you were to look at many various classical pieces which have some influence in pretty much all modern music you’ll see such an idea.

  • Rewan Raptus Leach

    Fuck you elitists who think a Genre must be restricted to it’s roots! I watched a scene evolve for the first time and it was fucking beautiful. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but christ! If it wasn’t for the evolution of music we wouldn’t fucking have dubstep, so quit your fucking winging and be happy with what you have -____-

    • http://blog.unikorn.me/ Maik

      Amen! This author is so close-minded. Saying a genre has to stay with it’s roots is like saying the earth has to be flat because someone once said so. Things evolve and bitching about it is like shouting at nature for giving you a brain to think with..

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        to be fair, everything goes in cycles. just look at the deep house resurgence, or the jungle sounds in today’s juke.

        • http://blog.unikorn.me/ Maik

          I wouldn’t say that those genres go in circles. Look at classic music: People still create classic music, but you would say they go in circles, they just develop something old and good further in the same direction.

          • khal

            I’d say there’s totally a cyclical nature to dance music. We’re seeing a lot of the older styles coming back. Disclosure is a great example of that.

          • Jake

            You’re aware that there are actual many different types of “classical music” that came about over a period of time where the sound went in cycles right?

            Baroque ain’t the same as chamber bruh.

    • dreamlogicc

      “Fuck you elitists” is what an elitist would say, and makes most readers stop right there – no reason to read the rest of a comment said by such a dismissive ass, is there? You could have left out that first sentence entirely, and left folks thinking “man, he’s got a point, it’s been a great ride”.

  • Dylan Donzelli

    Last time I saw plastician was when he came to Chicago with Skream & Benga and Feed Me. Great show!

  • Skylark56

    Can I point out that Chase & Status are British Producers and Datsik is Canadian…So therefore UNITED STATES is a false statement and just bitching.

  • Daniel Durham

    i really love how all the brostep douches that have no clue about dubstep are getting angry at this aticle when really it’s spot on

    • Jay

      Yep, they’re probably still ragin’ after coming back from the Destroid live show, lol.

      • Shifty

        Fuck that shit, I like destroid’s production and members but the live show looks like glam metal 2.0.

    • Shifty

      I love how all the pissed off oldhead hipsters are assuming everyone getting mad at this article is a “brostep douche”

      • derp

        get over it some people who like brostep ALSO like old school deep stuff (like myself). complete double standard how you people want to make yourselves feel special by categorizing a new age style as something so negative…you wont call the wonky style riddim and denounce the genre war but you fully acknowledge brostep as a subgenre.

      • BigD

        right? its like, if it wasn’t cool in the past you should never do it.
        these are the same people who would rather kill you than admit the world is round.
        just nod and walk away

    • Daniel Durham

      some of you guys here don’t seem to realize i was talking about house and elektro djs making one fucking song with a dubstep beat being hyped by the industry and suddenly every trendfollower is into dubstep and the “artist” is declared a dubstep king. noise is great but is that all it’s about? oh yeah i am backward and against progression coz i called bullshit on ruinous behaviour? it is what ruined the scene to a large extent. through oversaturation. even rusko fucking admits to this. and we are seeing it in drum and bass once again atm. and how well known i am has nothing to do with it. you go and do something productive first before you go talking.

      • derp

        how is the fact that many artists have become multigenre mean the scene is dead? the only thing that’s laughable is the fact that “dubstep” has become a word everyone people use to describe the “sound design-y” type of tracks, and that doesnt mean the scenes been ruined, it just means people are complete noobs. maybe you should educate them. you’re definitely overthinking things.

        • Daniel Durham

          thanks for the honest and not trollish reply. thing is it is just my opinion. the old hip hop philosophy of each one teach one is exactly how i work. there is never a dubstep set at one of my parties that doesn’t have some old school component to celebrate the music and it’s roots. when i said it was spot on i meant it in an objective and professional manner and i am apparently not the only one seeing the developement this way. generalizing brostepfans may have gone too far admittedly. and it is a matter of taste. the scene isn’t dead. just seems to be really stagnant at the moment.

          • NicheByNature

            100% agree… oversaturated with bandwagoners who are trying to profit off of a popular sound or patch and honestly creating a cookie-cutter approach to something that should come from artisitic inspiration and creativity, not some commerical “formula-for-success”

  • Jarne Skrilly Maenhoudt

    Bitching of the highest level.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      is DAD the highest level? thanks!

  • Dirk

    Can you replace the spot of the list for EDM with UKF and we’ll call it squaresees?

    • :)

      UKF is British

  • bollox

    i agree with this you yanks raped dubstep like it just dropped a bar of soap in a prison shower. you have no idea what true dubstep is

    • Jake

      Funny because Rusko is the guy who takes the credit for the creation of brostep, and he’s a Brit.

      Your guys have done the same, no reason to blame it on a nation.

  • nate

    All I heard was biased crying, wah, I couldn’t make it in the industry so I’m going to use a public forum to cry about it.kinda sounds like you’re being exactly like those dubstep “forum nerds”that you were so prominently bitching about. Little hypocritical if you ask me. Music evolves and changed, it’s how we progress the scene, you wouldn’t have rock without blues, metal and punk without rock etc. welcome to how music has been made and progresses and evolves since the first notes were created in existence. Just because you failed to keep up didn’t give you a right to say a certain thing made the other thing fail.childish.

    • charlie marshall

      This is a blog, not a forum. The writer is exclusive. Very good points were made. The points that were made here show how:
      A) A market has become HUGELY oversaturated.
      B) How a genre has been regressed due to its quick expansion.

      I’m going to guess that you either 1 or more of the following:

      -A skrillex fan
      -An American
      -A failed Brostep producer/dj

      • 2Nine


      • derp

        i dont think producers care if the markets become oversaturated…these kids are just bored in their bedrooms and want to make what they want to make. also, i dont think anyone really gives a crap where dubstep came from or if its regressed. the only people who care are the hipster purist kids.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          why would a producer not care if the market is oversaturated? and if no one cared, why would RBMA have that croydon night during their NYC stay?

          • derp

            because the average producer has more interests than making lazer noises in their bedrooms. theyre in college or learning a trade. and how many people show up to the proper dubstep nights? lets be honest. basically no one compared to the electro shows.

          • Jake

            That’s not even a fair comparison as there are hundreds of electro nights across the nation and you’d be lucky to name more than 5 regular weekly nights across the US where bassweight/proper dubstep/real dubstep is the focus.

          • derp

            how is it not a fair comparison when its all electronic music…you’re a genre whore and you’re ignoring the reality of things. and khal, the thing is, most artists are multigenre now. they don’t just play 140 bpm.

          • Jake

            Because every bottle service club plays top 40 electro now, regardless of it being an “electro night” and proper dubstep doesn’t even have a real presence comparatively.

          • derp

            and you aren’t aware why? what average kid wants to go “meditate on bassweight” when they could be raging and forget their problems for a while. and all you care about is how much money a club makes off bottle service? i thought this was for the music. why do you care so much bro? do you want proper dubstep to become mainstream? i thought you liked it being underground.

          • derp

            what if i like listening to and producing brostep as well as old school shit like DMZ and mala. wow i must be such a loser for liking to go to shows of different musical styles huh. i must be such a loser for not purchasing vinyl and buying digital copies.

          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

            by your rationale, dubstep DJs/producers WOULD care, as oversaturation would phase them out of a job.

        • Jake

          Of course they care…it makes it harder to stand out.

  • Groove Addix Music

    I can appreciate all 10 of these opinions.. Thanks for writing it..

  • donshuwoop

    dubstep was popular in 2008? nobody even heard of it until 2011 at least..

    • charlie marshall

      That’s debatable, and depends on where you come from. Here in the UK, it certainly was big in 2008!

    • Rumioant

      not sure if troll or another “born in 1995″ bro.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      talk about revisionist history.

  • Blaxer

    This Blog suck. this site is retarded for putting it up.

  • spacekobra

    You serious? You post that people can’t dance to dubstep and you post a stolen video dubbed over with a song that doesn’t match the guys dancing?


    Rule of thumb. Fact check before you rant.

    • Rumioant

      People don’t dance to dubstep.. they rage.

  • Zunnip

    innovators? dubstep doesn’t need innovators. it needs premixed sets and mediocre vocals. american fans love dat. while original innovators play in britain shady clubs…

    and it needs more festivals with payment plans. divide up the cost of your tickets over 3 months. hahahaha hello tomorrowworld


  • charlie marshall

    Too good. If only all the American-Brostep-Skrillex-Cock-Sucking patriots could open their eyes, they could see how they’ve fucked up a good genre. I mean seriously, us Brits made a good foundation of a genre. The idea was not for Americans to go fuck it up! :L

  • Cesar

    Mainstream blogs like this that kill the genre and make it sellout in the first place. Keep posting crappy threads like this it will only help you and your “underground” scene.

    • Jake

      “mainstream blogs” what exactly makes us mainstream? I’m going to assume you haven’t been following a lot of our content. Listen to the music we post and you’ll find some new stuff that no one else is posting. Enjoy :)

  • ericon

    You’ve raised a lot of interesting points, I think a lot of the failings of ‘dubstep’ are to do with the fact the commercial scene took it and turned it into cheesey electro. And the fact that we put electronic music into very specific genres, predefining how tracks should sound before they are even made

  • jennerz

    Hi, I agree, though not strongly, with you. I do miss the old dubstep, I remember the old chills I used to get from everything before edm went “mainstream.” I hate that all these people are being assholes with you and are so closed minded about everything. Jerks. I’m glad you’re being civilized though (: my boyfriend sent me here cuz we were agreeing with blckngld about this topic. Talking about dubstep before the drop lol I hope you had a great day don’t let the bastards get you down – gooberjennerz(:

  • Shawn M.

    100% of this article is bullshit

  • Garrett

    So when I read this article… It kind of upsets me… I think the reason why dubstep was ruined was because the way people looked at it. Second off since when in music was it required to do what your “Fore-Fathers” made? Skrillex receives so much hate because people think he is “Dubstep”… He himself even says that he doesn’t take credit for dubstep becoming mainstream… He calls himself an ELECTRONIC Artist. So why even bring him up in this artice… Needless to say your article is biased as hell.. I love peoples opinions but i would respect them alot more if they knew to understand what they feel like talking about.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Skrillex has to be brought up, even if you look at it as a situation where one artist was doing his own thing and get fame from it… and the next crop of producers after him practically emulated his sound because it sold and packed festivals. is that necessarily Skrillex’s fault? no. but the people booking acts and singing tracks that are very similar to his style are at fault.

  • Jay

    Haha, this article is spot fucking on – except you missed out on mentioning ‘Destroid’ for the ultimate ‘EDM’ wet dream… lol at all the butthurt in here from the brostepping tools.

  • SamRaptor

    This is fucking stupid. Artists don’t make records for the purpose of bolstering or ruining the reputation of a particular genre, they make what sounds good to them personally. Whatever happens in the interpretation of those songs happens after the fact and is a by-product.

  • Geoffrey M

    This article certainly has it’s ups and downs, but fewer of the latter. The EDM reason was one that I disagreed with mainly because it’s hard to even qualify what is and is not an actual genre these days. There are a LOT of “house” artists that sound strikingly similar and those are the ones headlining the festivals. The “Work Permits and Visas section was one that I slightly disagreed with as well, mainly because knowing that you can pay off your investment is a smart thing to do. I honestly have no experience with the people over at TDF, so I cannot judge the people over at it. Putting the wrong artists and music forward is for me the most apparent reason for this article even being written. This is an article that I was waiting to be written for quite sometime, and I believe that this one effectively encompassed why America has failed true Dubstep.

  • Bradness Albison

    WHAAAAAA!!!!! Boo! HOO!!! Whatever…

  • Bassnotmids

    Yanks have never really been capable of self criticism, so when one of them has the chutzpah to point out a few national failings they face an inevitable public stoning. What you zealots of appalling mid-range ear rape are missing is that Nappy is doing what journalists, more specifically bloggers, should be doing: polarizing opinion. Lets hope that the death of US dubstep will spell the return of new metal and active rock as the bros natural habitat and leave bass music alone from here on in. Mkay?

  • Damien

    Some of these are completely irrelevant to dubstep as a genre. Why do you have to pick it apart? Its music… If you don’t like it don’t listen to it. Simple as that. This is literally just a blog about why YOU don’t like dubstep. Stop being a genre Nazi and listen to what you want.. In the end this blog entry gets us nowhere.

  • Good Job.

    This the actual most honest description of modern day EDM. Well written

  • Matty

    In these comments: Bro-step douche bags rage and deny what a complete joke their entire scene is.

    It’s corporate music you guys are getting off on. The same formula over and over. Same wobble, same awful mid-rangy distortion. You’re ignoring artists, and worshiping hyped djs. Paying top dollar to see them at over priced corporate venues. Bro-step is the blue pill.

  • Mark Hall

    couldn’t agree more with this article

  • Maejin

    Just a sad read.
    Felt a lot like jealousy to me.


    EDM and Dubstep= Things created to make money, all tracks are the same, same construction, gets boring quick. Either way I agree with the writer fully, good job on describing the problems. Also dont pay attention to EDM/Skrillex fanboys.

  • brostepEADC

    Spot on. The only comments that bag out the writer of this are from kids who haven’t been around long enough to know any different. Ignorance is bliss….

  • Phill

    I think it’s best just to differentiate the underground scene from the mainstream scene and leave it at that. I think of Skrillex and the other popular brostep (or dumbstep, as a friend calls it) musicians as being pop musicians who have as much to do with things that I like and care about as Britney Spears or Creed, which is nothing at all. It’s not as if there’s a dearth of good underground bass music, even in the US. In fact, I would suggest that we are living in something of a golden age for electronic music in terms of innovation and creativity–dance-oriented electronic artists are more free than ever to explore their musical individuality rather than cater to the needs of djs (except, perhaps, in the early/mid 80s and before). You just have to realize that mainstream music has nothing to do with that. Mainstream music can’t be interesting because it has to appeal to a mass audience, the same way airplane food has to be bland, so the good stuff will rarely ever be part of the mainstream. If anything, the mainstream dubstep scene presents some inconveniences. For instance, it’s a pain to explain your music to people who only know about mainstream dubstep or house, and people who hate that stuff will assume that your music is no different. Also, trying to search for bass music on Beatport is a bloody pain in the ass, because everything from electro to drum and bass to dubstep has been subsumed under this lame ass, flavorless garbage on that website; I wish they would do better with their labeling–maybe have a “for the popped collar crowd” category.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      i think you’re right, there’s definitely a difference between the “mainstream” and the “underground,” although in today’s age, the Internet has properly destroyed those walls. with the right marketing or push, an “underground” artist can make it into the “mainstream.” it won’t be easy but it happens.

  • Grim

    Most of the comments below show you what the scene has become now, you’re bitching about someone bitching about what they believe dubstep is. Problem is tht it isn’t this guys veiws about dubstep and just because you’ve never heard his name doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a place in dubstep 95% of the people who praise dubstep and bass music couldn’t name a Loefah tune, tell you what DMZ is or explain what Croyden has to do with it all, dubstep started as a bunch of people doin something to express their creativity like all music, there was no politics, hopes of fame or money, it was just love and fun of it all. The internet killed that all because everybody has balls behind a keyboard, and all anybody who has said fuck you to someone making a point or expressing the truth is just pushing the names behind Dubstep further away. And as for the writer of this article, you couldn’t be more right.

    • derp

      the politics began when people who wanted to keep it the way it was started complaining about “brostep”. the brosteppers didnt complain about anything. and why people would care if 95% of americans who think they know what dubstep is couldnt name a loefah tune boggles my mind because its a niche of electronic music and america happens to be so commercialized that SOME people don’t have time to be doing tons of research on a genre. so why should we be mad at them? this reminds me of the genre wars about rock and roll and punk, like the debates you see about how warped tour went to shit with emo etc. who cares lol.

  • Frostbite Jones

    WTF is this outdated bullshit article? Originators of Dubstep? people stopped giving a fly hoot about REAL dubstep in 2009, when it returned to its roots of intimate dark rooms and sub laden PA’s. Skream doesn’t give a hoot, Mala, doesn’t, rare as fuck anyone does anything at 140. And to make matters worse, the originators like Skream have played and supported Skrillex tracks etc. Electronic music evolves….the press and bloggers don’t. GTFOH.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      i’d agree with you if i wasn’t in love with Swindle’s new album.

  • Eric Taylor

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK_vxwizz-4 THAT SHIT AINT BURIAL ITS PUMPED UP KICKS WHZGUD

  • jazz4life

    Honestly who cares that much about dumb ass music like dumbstep

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      is that a new genre? never heard of it…

  • Ollie Mumbles

    I do have to say Skrillex did have a play in the downfall by making brostep the standard sound people connect dubstep to. I play a lot of old 16 Bit and Breakage and a lot of people get confused. Honestly what doesn’t America pretty shit on? It’s nothing new. I mean fuck I live here and I can admit that. At the same time a lot of music has survived here. Dubstep still lives in the underground. There’s a bar in St Pete, Fl called Fubar and there’s definitely a strong dub crowd. I mean real dub with real mixing. Same at a warehouse we run call Church of Bass. Shit played some Requake and Matt U and people got down. Dub has made its place back to where it should have never left. The underground.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Huijskens/100001134931234 Trevor Huijskens

    I think the non-junglists that joined over the last few years destroyed it. They fucked up the atmosphere at parties and started using other drugs than weed and the occaisional pill of amfetamine. I’d see all the fuckers completely out of their mind aggresively stomping at eachother in the pit. And worst of all, the artists betrayed the Junglist massive. Making track after track of Commercial Dubstep tunes and you are right. putting a photo of Skrillex on the cover of this article is the right way to go as he makes music that couldnt be farther from dubstep

  • EuropeFTW

    hahaha americans talking about dubstep.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      you definitely don’t want to go down that road…

  • AtomicAcorn

    Benga and Skream denouncing dubstep? You serious blud? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5tOj-KNQY8
    Trap is the new dubstep? I think the only trendy one here is you.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Skream has said that he’s no longer spinning dubstep at shows, and is working more on house and disco tracks. No radio rip posted in January is going to change that.

  • Letsbereal

    Now I was a little upset by the title of this, but you do make some good points about the way dubstep is now viewed in the mainstream. Think about this though because og dubstep was never really in the mainstream because it’s not party music. I personally love dubstep and bass music far more than the brostep that has become so popular, but its an acquired taste and thats why people don’t appreciate those sounds as much. The majority of people really want something simple, repetitive, that they can throw their hands up too and jump.

    One thing you got wrong though is that bass music is changing in america. With festivals like lightning in a bottle, the music they play at burning man now, and shambhala up in BC there is something entirely new emerging. Its not completely original and has its roots in dubstep, glitch music, and hip hop. That scene exists and if you can ignore what the main stream is doing you can be happy about being part of a scene that is much more personal.

    Also, a point of ignorance on your part. The dancing video wasn’t to burial, it was to a dubstep remix of pumped up kicks by foster the people. heres is the original.


  • ford,Nigel

    every new music genre has a ten year loop meaning a life span of ten years simple don’t worry in another ten years the people appreciating the new music will be moaning on how things have changed it happens all the time get used to it people.

    • khal

      i like the sound of this.

  • Evil-D

    I agree most American dubstep is shit but some of the stuff on this article is a bit ridiculous. like “when was the last time plastician came to America?” Well actually Plastician has been to America numerous times.

  • PleaseKillMe

    This is the most whiny garbage I have ever read. The author sat in his boxers and thought, “How can I trash America, and pretend to make a victim out of older dubstep producers?” This is so lame it makes my head explode.

  • PleaseKillMe

    The author actually made a full category out of Skrillex all the while being complimentary to him. This is called passive aggressiveness, and it is the sign of a poor writer, and someone with little thought. The “let’s go trash Skrillex” thing has been done over and over and over to the point of exhaustion.

  • PleaseKillMe

    When will drum and bass make it’s come back? That is what I am looking forward to.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      as am i.

      • PleaseKillMe

        I should have thrown breakbeats in there as well.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          Annie Nightingale has been championing breaks and the breakbeat sound but I don’t know how soon that’ll take.

          • PleaseKillMe

            I had to Google her, as I am a Yank, but I love anyone who promotes breaks. I am surprised breaks didn’t take off more than house here in the Colonies considering most of our other music has a broken beated structure….maybe someday…good yank breaks DJs are Blazer, Electric Soulside,DJ Icey, and anyone who used to be on the old Moonshine Records label.

          • khal

            haha we’re “yanks” as well lol. you definitely brought up the right names with Icey, but i think after that phase died out, it never came back. Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers broguht the more breakbeat era, but it feels like once that stuff fizzled, no one cared to bring it back.

  • fuckdubstep

    Someone needs to make a dubstep version of Taps…because this shit is dead motherfuckers

  • BawseHogg

    I was heavily involved in the Dubstep scene from the inception of the sound.

    Alot of the blame should be placed with ‘bigger’ DJs who allowed cunts like Circus Records, Skrillex, and Various Yanks/Canadians to use the term Dubstep for their testosterone fuelled ‘bangerz’.

  • PleaseEndTrap

    Incredible how the commenters seemed to have missed the point completely. I would have liked more depth to the article, but it definitely hit the nail on the head. Well done.

    As for those thinking the writer was bashing Skrillex, read again. He was actually praising him.

    • c

      but its one of the 10 “fails” …?

  • Etilics

    I agree that the dubstep nowadays has nothing to do with the dubstep 10 years ago, it’s like a completely different genre. But why hate on one of them. I like both and I think that a lot of the artist that make “new dubstep” are actually very talented. For example, Skrillex may be overrated, but he’s still a very talented producer in my opinion…

  • Mike

    Sounds like the founders of dubstep weren’t innovative enough.

  • Edgar

    10 examples of how another stuck up music snob can’t deal with change. “Hurrr I hate popular music, fuck America for making dubstep popular.” Every single genre of electronic music has gotten more attention from the resurgence of EDM (I’ts a useful term when you’re trying to address the entire scene, deal with it) in America. The innovators don’t cease to exist just because a handful of DJs make pop. Anyone who calls themselves an “EDM evangelist” clearly fancies themselves on some sort of intellectual high ground. If anything is ruining the dubstep scene, it’s mental masturbation like this. The music blogosphere needs to collectively get the fuck over itself.

  • Mason

    Totally spot on. it’s pretty much how all of the scenes/genres have been working for years. It’s just dubstep went far beyond anything else. I totally agree with the genre classing as well. Most of the people who go to events, listen on youtube or buy from beatport are shown the wrong Genres all of the time. UKF always does this, they mix up Dubstep and Drum & bass in each of their pages. People in denver (new people) call drum and bass fast dubstep. WTF. It makes no sense to me. A trap tune I put out on beatport was classified in the Glitch Hop genre, it’s not glitch hop AT ALL, totally different. There’s no more education in the big party/event scene. All they are trying to do is turn a buck, it’s a business. We just need to build up the foundation nights in all of the cities again so that more artists and more music can get out there.

    As for the agency thing, that’s just the business. A lot of agency’s are not PR companies. It’s up to the artist to get out there and become known, it’s just way harder now because of the internet. No more going to every party in your area and handing out mix tapes/cd’s, standing outside of 3 parties a night and passing out flyers and getting to know all of the people so you can build your city cred. To become global a gotta think global.

    what it comes down to is it’s all about the hustle. What you put in is what you get out of it. And some just get more. Just be happy with what you’re doing and push it to the max.

    • derp

      at the end of the day no one gives a crap. like what you like and get on with your life. no one expresses this kind of negativity when they’re out in public at a show, can you imagine someone shouting this over a microphone. its these bloggers that think they have a valid opinion who whine behind their computers for attention. which is exactly what he’s getting right now. this kids a tool he has no credibility besides some stupid blog.

  • Eran

    Whatever salient points are made here are way dramatized. In an age where internet exposure will do more for you than a label ever could 20 years ago, its completely naive to think its blogs, agents, labels, and venues that somehow conspired to completely shut out anything that wasnt “brostep”. Benga, Coki, Skream, artists like these all had equal opportunity to spread their sound to the internet and make themselves known. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps the moodier, mellower sounds were not suited to the big-room and festival circuit?

    He really explains it all in his mention of skrillex: the man brought up a sound that no one else had and established it. All this bitching about the “OGs” of dubstep completely ignores the elephant in the room: those people’s sound had grown tired, stale, and a little formulaic. Just because it was a little groovier didnt make it beard-strokingly stimulating. People are over thinking this stuff.

    EDC this year was a perfect snapshot of where EDM is. A careful listen and tour of the stages would have told you this much: people are growing out of brostep, trap is not ever going to hit the peak that dubstep did, but is in the process of solidifying its place, DnB is coming back (thank GOD), Trance and Hardstyle are coming back up as well, and the mainsteam anthem-house is dying hard.

    Its just weird to read articles like this when bass music is really the most innovative facet in EDM out there. Trance is hanging on, but House is literally all but dead.

    • derp

      confirmed for having the shortest attention span known to man. get your ADD sorted out mate.

    • derp

      like where do you get your statistics from?

  • James RebudzDenver Lee

    hahahahaha this guy has no clue what he’s talking about just a bunch of bitching. you should get fired man . sorry you couldnt book the acts you wanted. just because you think you listen to good music does not mean everyone is listening to the same thing as you .

  • mellymel

    can’t we all just agree that douches have taken over the scene and go claim and island for the old school?

  • SadWorld

    wow. very immature bunch of ignorant ranting on both sides. this is what communicating has come to in 2013. no wonder most of the world is either at war or involved in disputes. like the music you like, let others enjoy theirs and move on : )

  • sam sherwood

    good dubsteps still going strong in britain and i mean real dubstep. i agree skrillex and the likes are exciting and have big tunes but they are just the david guetta of bass music pumping out any old crap with minimal thought or integrity daily to fill the charts with some sort of sample or famed artist in it. Trap is ignored in britain also. it wont take on because of the american rap element because all our rappers are already doing dubstep tracks as a natural and easy transition from garage and the likes

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      is trap really “ignored” or has it just not caught on? i seem to remember MistaJam being just as into trap, from having Flosstradamus doing daily dose mixes to Hucci currently holding down part of that rotation. Sub Focus had Flosstraamus knock out an official remix, and TC has embraced it. grime acts like Spooky embrace it as well. it might not be the “in” sound but from what we’re seeing, ignored might not be the right word.

      • derp

        >trap not catching on as fast as dubstep in uk
        >somehow reaches the conclusion that no one in the UK cares about trap

        wow, congratulations

        • khal

          are you arguing for my points or against them?

  • cel

    join the bandwagon of most genres of music post-mainstream exposure. nothing new

  • type6

    it’s almost like you don’t understand what the ‘post’ prefix means

  • type6

    “brostep is nothing like dubstep they’re 2 completely different genres”
    “btw brostep fans should know about real dubstep lolol”

  • Wubb a dub dub

    “The true innovators in the genre have been pushed to the side and left in the dust.”

    No. Just… no. America made dubstep mainstream and, eventually, horrible. That is all. If you want true ‘roots’ of dubstep look to the UK or Canada.

  • BristolUKMassive86

    This is 100% true. Anyone who is offended, you probably ARE that brostepper douche who was introduced to dubstep in 2009, calls everything EDM, loves only the drops, shops at beatport or downloads illegaly from shite sites like clubland, has no idea who Digital Mystikz are, gets mad when UKF uploads something without a “drop” because you are too poor to afford a sound system.

  • loc_ness

    Nailed it! #joebamanice holding down the underground <3

  • YouPeopleRuinedBassMusic

    Dude who wrote this article, Yeah I don’t know who you are but I’ve been preaching this stuff for years. Everything you are saying is 100% true but the ultimate reason dubstep failed is because 95% of people are tasteless and are trend followers who don’t have a brain of their own.

  • Chris Crooker

    I mean granted we got away from actual dubstep but hell I like the drops n fast pass music, that’s also why I like trap, people r going to like what they like, u can’t hate that they enjoy the music that they like, every one has different taste in music, and I most say I love this music, wether its real dubstep or not it still a fun time out with your friends.

  • Jonathan AlexnoIs Castaneda

    Okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here’s mine; QUIT YOUR BITCHING! ALL OF YOU! If you don’t like a sub-genre of electronic music, don’t fucking listen to it! Simple as that. Instead of bitching and complaining on how much YOU don’t like it, listen to something else, and let the people who do like it, enjoy it. This is so fucking stupid how people just tear the shit out of each other because they listen to a song, or and artist that THEY specifically don’t like; live your own fucking lives, and be done with it. Yes you are entitled to your opinions, but if all you’re going to do is be negative, and criticize, keep it to your fucking selves.

  • Kevin

    One question, why is Datsik mentioned when the article is about how the United States failed dubstep?

    • Rumioant

      because people like datsik (canada) and flux pavilion (uk) and others are building their careers in the united states.

  • BigD

    “they didn’t do it the way other people did it so they suck”
    Every wannabe hipster/ failure as an artist turned critic ever.

  • Mistermanman

    I’ve seen skrillex, bassnectar, datsik, mimosa, adventure club, and pretty lights live. They were all super sweet shows. There might be douchebag bros that listen to it, but its still super awesome. Just because its not “underground” doesnt mean its not cool. Ive tried to make a couple tracks and that gave me more respect for what these people do. It is very difficult and i respect all EDM and “dubstep” artists.

  • Low Dubz

    Dont respond to the hate. There is more love than anything else from the REAL target audience you are going for, and not the ignorant children who are the cancer of the genre.
    What I would give to re-live the energy of the underground nights…

  • Excess

    Hardstyle for the win!.
    As a producer, I must stay underground, because once you hit public, you go mainstream, and if you go mainstream, you go shit.

    Totally get your point here mate, and I get your feeling, this is one thing that is completely normal as for any genre of music, more likely to happen on dance music, Metal, for example; completely chopped in various sub-genres, HOUSE!, went Acid house, Chicago House, Deep house, Dutch, Electro, Deep, New Beat, Techno, Trance and UK House… To name a few.

    What do you think all those House Vets felt when Moombathon was firstly introduced, or even Tribal House went mainstream?. Same happens with any Bass Genre.

    I admit it, fuck the “new Artists” that the Internet and the press wants us to buy the idea from, in fact, fuck all of those bitches name dropping ’cause they’re the so called “Icons” of certain genre. As I said, I’m also a producer (DJ is just not the correct term), fuck the system, just fuck it.

  • Dirk Derp’ns

    Damn, whothefugisDJnappy is one salty bitch.

  • Connor Deroin

    This guy is just doing a lot of complaining. Dubstep is on the rage just as much as electro house and Trance are in Europe. If it werent for these “big sounds” he refers to, EDM in general would not have become the mainstream success in the U.S. as it has in the past 3 years.

  • brostepsuxlilballs

    y u all give a fuck bout the genres? i think it soesnt matters so stop bitchin!
    DONT PISS ME OF lol haha

  • Adam Williams

    he is spot on …but the point is alot of people that know about this and keep skreaming about it…lol…it makes no diff..american brostep happened and it was and is huge how about we just change the name let them keep dubstep if that makes them feel better…who cares …its heavy its fun …there is a over saturation in the music let it be ….it will work on as long as we keep dancing to it all .theres always gonna be issues there r some the high society club stuff like vegas using as a marketing tool and others ..but duh y wouldnt u…and artist no it so let them b adults and play top 40 all night …its just music lets talk about music whats wrong with dubsteo is we keep talking about theres some thing wrong

  • Label CEO

    People complaining about the writer complaining…wow! It’s like the Pot calling the kettle black. The entire music industry has been hurting that is not alarming news folks. Ever since downloading mp3′s became popular many have lost their jobs in the music industry.
    I do actually run a label with DJ’s, Producers, Sound techs, designers, and video producers… Trust me, the article means well and only makes sense to those who have invested their life, money and soul into getting new artists known. Nonethless, the vicious cycle continues. Lots of good talent going undiscovered. I got into this business to share the fresh and raw talents out there that are still unknown, but everytime you try to explain how the industry is failing and continues to fail, all everyone else does is find another reason to belittle each other to make themselves feel better.
    In 1995 the breaks industry went under…it was reported as not being innovative, in other words not reaching the top40 or not being “pop”. Meanwhile all the upcoming bad-asses that talk about how cool they are but have probably never made a cent selling their music are always the first ones to talk shit and then want to charge an arm and a leg for their music, while others give it away for free on soundcloud… Any which way you slice and dice this article and this industry the outcome is still the same… A destroyed electronic music scene with no one researching or investing in new business models for changing the current business models that are failing us… Unless you have a strategy that is innovative and can change the process at a higher level and elevate they way of thinking for the agencies and online music distribution websites, then please, please refrain from leaving shitty comments in order to boost your ego. We need only problem solvers, not problem starters.

  • Rumioant

    do you know how mainstream djs make underground music?
    they pick a mainstream track and layer it with the “Jack To The Sound Of The Underground” acapella..

    unfortunately dance music is just a fast consumption product.

    the edm scene is oversaturared, yet new people keep coming. dj contests for playing in festivals. so many people… but only a few bring something new.
    there’s talented people, that are more like studio producers than festival exhibitionists, not getting all the attention they deserve. but that’s the way it is.

  • Jon OfThe Shred

    This article is retarded. The US has failed music in general in so many
    ways, for so many different genres, and this jabroni is worried about
    dubstep? A subgenre which, in all honesty, is in its infancy in its latest form? Not to mention how much success it celebrates at the moment?

    How about actual musicians strumming chords, or innovative producers that aren’t just jumping on bandwagons and riding the dicks of trend waves? What’s next, “10 Ways TRAP is Misrepresented in Ireland”? Fuck dubstep.

  • Khalev

    Dubstep fucking sucks. And anyone who thinks its music should die in a fire. ITS FUCKING THE SAME FORMAT FOR EVERY DAMN SONG. All you anticipate are drops. Its shit music, and I am glad its declining in North America. Its like three times worse than disco…

  • Ochtone

    Hey. Guess what. NOBODY CARES.

    I’ve been making Dubstep for a good number of years. When this type of Dubstep started to become popular I felt like it had taken over my scene, like it was ruining my music. I felt like I belonged to this sort of sound set and someone was, metaphorically speaking, taking a musical dump all over my sparkly Dubstep cake.

    It took me some time to sit back and think, I just hated the popularisation of something I loved in a form I didn’t love. The original sound still exists, and the artists are still churning out songs. Then the more I started to ignore the music and artists I didn’t like, the less I heard of them. It’s real easy to do. Either you’re a whining moaning internet attention seeker, or you’re a music lover. Just because Metallica hit it big and some metal got heavier doesn’t mean Iron Maiden stopped making the same music.

    Chill out! If you were really in to the “old School” sound (don’t even get me started on how ridiculous saying old school is about a genre that’s still fairly new, like 14 years or so) then getting ragey over the internet isn’t your style anyway.

  • whoistruthful

    this article is kind of annoying to read but dude makes some good points about the industry. This sort of shit happens to every genre at one time. Theres a reason why some things just dont stay around and it has to do with a connection or lack there of from the past. But fuck it theres lots of shitty american house and techno that sucks too and is made by people who pretty much force themselves to make tracks because they know the basics of ableton and think they have something when in reality there doing it mostly because they want to make it. Thats when you become a whore and not an actual artist. This exists in every genre at the moment in the US. Strait whores with nothing to say musically just filling in space.

  • Anonymous

    This is possibly one of the most hypocritical articles I’ve ever read…

  • Jenny Blaze

    Khal is a sexy and intelligent man.

  • Reuben Jacobs

    clublandlv.com where people who actually appreciate electronic music go

  • Rick James

    need a tissue?

  • slowfreq


  • Pfft

    America failed when it forgot to shoot dubstep in the head like the mangy cur it is.

  • Wiggle Baron

    It was exactly what you described in your last sentence for years.

  • Dave

    There are some good elements in Dubstep, but I think what killed it was the refusal to be anything but Dubstep. Glitch-Hop has a much better sound because it draws from many types of music, and has thus has more variety. Also I feel that people who are really into Dubstep just zonk themselves on so much Ecstasy they want the bass to just feel good… so why have anything so useless as a beat you can dance to?

  • brikster

    These arguments are not new to music. They have and always will apply to all types of music (rock, pop, metal, country, etc…) Big labels, money, promotion, etc….make things unfair for the smaller, less known acts who don’t get the respect they deserve. It absolutely sucks. But it isn’t unique to whatever it is you want to call this plethora of sub-genres of dance music you’re talking about.

    • khal

      who was saying this was a “unique” problem?

  • bennyfroobs

    this is why u got flamed by dubstep forum u complete fuckin retard. u would get flamed by anyone for doing the shit u did

    “I checked out this stuff. I kinda think its garbage. Should be called acapella step or commercial rap step. No real skill involved in these mash-ups what-so-ever. I think the main thing on the dubstep board is people are pissed he is doing this to their tunes, calling it a mash-up and then giving it away for free… without permission. If anything thats where “thug” part of the name comes into play. Another thing is the Dubsteppers are pissed about the “thug” name cos none of those Dubsteppers are thugs, act like thugs, or present themselves with a thug like mentality. I’m all about creation, and doing things in music. Though there are certain rules of ethics that must be followed or respect for other artists/labels music… and I dont think its being done here. Though my main drag here is that he gives away labels/artists music for free. Make some acapella mash-ups for your own person – yes. Slap some acapella’s over someone elses music and give it away for free(320′s) …Claiming its a mash-up tune by so and so… never. Just isnt right imo.”

  • bennyfroobs

    piracy m8
    common piracy

  • Chris Ford

    Ummmm…when I dont like something, I dont listen to it……

    • khal

      that’s a pretty great standard to keep.

  • Pepsimax44

    On the skrillex part, he didnt make dubstep at all. Dubstep was created a long time before he came in. im not exactly sure who first made it but what i am sure of is that skrillex did not create dubstep. He’s not even a very good dubstep producer to be honest. theres a lot of guys better then him but less famous.

    • khal

      when did anyone say Skrillex created dubstep?

  • mārcis

    yeah.. lot of bitching.. right… those who say something like that… are the bitches.. and You know why?
    Because You are stupid enough and You do not have Your own opinion. And You follow other people.. it is like if You say Skrillex is maasive dubstep because some guy told me like that.. it means You lick his brown ass because You are dumb enough to realize that he is blind.
    So next time You hear these two words “Skrillex / dubstep.” tell Your self. ” I am smarter than him and I understand that music he makes is not dubstep. It is for ordinary people. I listen real dubstep because I am more intelligent,

    • khal

      so are you saying that Skrillex doesn’t make dubstep or that he doesn’t make “real dubstep?” those are two different statements.

  • Michelle Smith

    Its an opinion, not fact. And someone is salty. Bands solo artist and such that people love fail all the time or never make it big. Theres a reason. Whether you want to admit it or not, Skrillex and the like are Pop Music. In case you forgot its short for popular. There are pop superstars i cant stand but more people love them than those of us that dont care for them. Oh, fyi, ive heard a lot of garbage UK and Euro dubstep too. America is not soley to blame for shitty music.

  • Welfare

    spot on man. at least we have the memories.

  • pacyderm

    Good job. I actually agree with 95% of what you said. Too bad all this people who know jack shit about the music scene think different.

  • FukkoFF

    Another big reason for why these scene is getting so fucked is when people started mixing the dance and fuckin rap scene together and all the blacks started coming to shows. they fuck up everything they come into contact with i swear. 99% of them are just there to sell garbage drugs and try to rape white girls. im fuckin sic of seeing them and now with trap its even worse because every wigger and black is now getting involved. it makes me sick.

  • poppyy

    just accept the change. it is what it is. if it makes people happy and they like it who cares. music is subjective. and personally, i dont wanna have to do research on my music to appreciate it.

  • Moonbeam

    I totally get this article. Maybe it’s my killer instincts on music and life in general, but once i saw Tiesto go, dub, I was like damn the apocolypse is coming that soon??? I did think the dub-stuff was catchy, but not at first. I still prefer the electronic and pleasantness of the good EDM. We hadn’t had enough time with the good electronic and techno in the public. The U.S. converted too quickly into this dark side that must glorify bad feelings. So now we have giant headphones and the roughest dub step penetrating into little kids virgin brains. How do they think besides??? Can they think??? This country is in trouble!!! I do want to hear the original stuff though. Thanks for this article. Keep inspiring the truth!!!

  • Joshua Schmidtke

    dude, stop fucking bitching just cause you don’t like the music, nobody “Killed” the original dubstep, it’s just progressing in a way you don’t like. Plus, i don’t see the dubstep brostep line because their isn’t one, it’s just a different frequency, if i like it then i like it, if i don’t i move on. innovation isn’t dead.

  • Nick Benoit

    Having come to the genre a little late (I fell in love with it around 2010/2011) the first ‘dubstep’ I was really exposed to turned out to be more bro-step. Which I liked. Couldn’t care less about the ‘scene’ I really found the sounds to be interesting. But then i decided to educate myself on the roots of dubstep, and yeah, what Americans call ‘dubstep’ sounds very little like SKREAM, Benga, ect. So I can understand the animosity of a genre being hijacked. But why hate on Chase and Status. Yeah, they are popular, but they are popular for a reason. Seems just like complaining about Aphrodite during the drum n bass days. Sour grapes.

    • Nick Benoit

      yikes! I should remember, punctuation is my friend …. I promise I’m educated. ;)

  • Bruce

    He’s right. America killed Dubstep. When it was first emerging it wasn’t about tonality but about unconventional musical ideas. Odd, complex drum beats and bouncy baselines. But then Skrillex happened and Dubstep became the Youtube genre. It seemed like its sole purpose was for kids to use as backing tracks for their videos of them playing Call of Duty. There was no musical knowledge, people. Skrillex fanboys would argue that he takes elements from metal music, which is technical time signatures. But it’s all still in standard 4/4/, so the only other element there is to take is distorted, loud sounds. It became about tonality which anyone can do after they get told it by someone on a Youtube video, and every producer was trying to win this loudness war, which is also why it all sounds like over compressed brick wall limited shit. It’s a shame it never got a new name, because if it did then we could still have more real dub step produced.

    Thanks America. You’ve done it again.

  • Paul

    Ur right Nappy !

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  • sector 9

    Dubstep sucks in every way. From the music to the people. Most shallow lack of a scene ever. Thank god the rest of the world is light years ahead of the states in terms of real dance music. Flub step isnt even dance music. All the people are so pretentious with their self rightousness, egotistical thinking and false pride. Most disgusting people and lack of music ever. Shallow music for shallow people who get butt hurt easily. No depth no atmosphere no substance. I chew you up and vomit you out. But please just one more filthy nasty disgusting bass drop please!!!!!!!

  • sector 9

    If an opinion is not liked its removed. Fuck dubstep

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      What opinion was removed? You posted a paragraph (that’s right under this comment) that’s visible to everyone.

  • fa shi

    All it takes to be called a musical genius these days it seems is to loop the same annoying whirring sound into a rhythm with a bunch of bass.

  • VideoboyMatt

    As having been a DJ and promoter since the late 90′s and having seen every ebb and flow since. I have to say at least in Florida, the main reason why it lost attractiveness is because the clubs that promoted it only wanted concerts. Remember that a night club is in the business to sell drinks. To do so they have to make people dance. Drug culture, and the complete lack of sex appeal of dubstep really killed it in the local night clubs as people were too busy looking like they were having convulsions and not buying drinks..that it scared off more mainstream club goers. Hence the clubs quickly pulled the plug on anything but concerts that they could milk ticket sales off of. Dubstep club nights would last 3-5 months, and get nixed once the club owners found out that most people who went out to dance would complain with local DJs, who weren’t touring acts. The Brostep stuff really took over too much, and if the quality music had been played, and promoted, and mixed with more dancy genres such as Complextro, and Electro, it could have held on longer in the club scene. Now there are no clubs that play it, and anyone who approaches a club with Dubstep gets laughed out the door.

  • Sam

    First of all, plenty of european producers were into this more abrasive american dubstep style, feed me, xilent, koan sound, rusko, ect.
    There may be some negatives to american dubstep, but a lot of it
    pushed the boundary and utilized a lot of noisia style sound design, and for someone who is into everything from techno, minimal, drum n bass, dubstep old and new, i think there are some american dubstep artists who made some EXCELLENT material (bassnectar, kill the noise, seven lions). In a lot of ways, american style dubstep was the inevitable merge between the bass characteristics of neurofunk/drum n bass, guys like spor noisia, and the slower uk dubstep drum patterns.
    and there is just so much variation in dubstep. Koan sound is British, has a sound very characteristic of american dubstep, but does a wonderfully beautiful take on it. the sound design is rather breaktaking.
    but it is arguable that due to dubsteps huge popularity, it opened electronic music to the mainstream, which reduces the ratio of true connoisseurs in the scene and probably brought down the quality of the music over all.
    Sometimes i feel like i really hate trap, i guess i do hate it, or most of it, but i just have to remember there will always be styles im not into, and that there will always be a scene, even if its small, for the stuff im into.

  • rorz

    Like many great british exports America successfully destroyed dubstep.

    Thanks america

  • Tekniq Muzik

    You had a few valid points but completely lost me at Skrillex. I hate that people can’t shut the fuck up about how skrillex is ruining dubstep when he’s not JUST a dubstep artist. He covers various genres and in several interviews has claimed to not make dubstep. It’s fucking bass music! Stop trying to put a label on everything. There are a lot of dick riding bandwagon hoppers out there tainting the image of dubstep as with any popular genre of music but if you really love the culture then a few punk ass mainstream artists aren’t going to keep you from enjoying the millions of legit ones.

  • http://bravoteens.com Blayz20752

    There is literally no aggression in either of the “superior” artists above, dubstep was defined to have two separate parts, the intro/outro, and the bass drop, dubstep is supposed to have a great amount of differentiation in between these two parts of a track. Am I really the only person who notices this?