11 EDM Super Groups You Should Know

duck sauce live li 11 EDM Super Groups You Should Know

With dance music's ridiculous stateside explosion we've seen a lot of different changes, and one of them is the increased number of side-projects. More than just side-projects, dance music has now entered the age of the supergroup. According to the wonderful and always scholarly Wikipedia, a super group is defined as follows: "A supergroup is a music group whose members are already successful as solo artists or as part of other groups."

So, who are the supergroups? We're looking at acts that have established producers and/or DJs coming together to make some electronic magic. With that said, we have to say sorry Daft Punk, no dice. And we love you Evol Intent, but you guys blew up AFTER you were in the group. Who does that leave, then? Here are 11 supergroups in electronic music supergroups you should know.

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  • mviouss


    • Mike Zee

      I agree with you in the sense that GTA is a super group (they are the shit, like honestly the BEST up and comers in dance right meow), they technically are not a super group because as individuals they weren’t massively huge. JWLS and Van Toth were still on the come up so them collaborating isnt really seen as a super group where lets say, steve aoki and afrojack or armand van helden/a-trak were extremely well established individually, thus them coming together would comprise a super group. Essentially, JWLS and Van Toth havent had enough individual success to comprise a super group. Hopefully that changes, cuz GTA is the fucking shit!!!!!!

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        “I agree with you in the sense that GTA is a super group” and “they technically are not a super group” don’t add up. DAD is into GTA, but if they got bigger as a GROUP than they were INDIVIDUALLY, they aren’t a super group.

        • Mike Zee

          In my first sentence calling GTA a super group I used the word super as another word for good or great. As in, “that song is super”. The second I said they are technically not a supergroup which I used as seperate words which should have been 1 word I was using the term supergroup as was illustrated in the article.

          Here I was trying to have a little fun with a play on words. Hopefully that clarifies what I intended.

          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

            you’re super.

  • lucas

    Where is Jupiter Jazz (Maceo Plex & Danny Daze)? Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli? Forza (Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare and Luigi Rocca)? Most of all, where is fucking VISIONQUEST?!?!??!?!?!

  • Maneki

    Where is The Glitch Mob?

  • Cole

    Wow, I didn’t even know Skrillex and Diplo had a thing.

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