11 Things We Hate About Going To Clubs

dark club 11 Things We Hate About Going To Clubs

It's hard to be a fan of dance music and not hit a club, or a rave. Sure, you can experience the nuances of the biggest, most bass-fueled tunes in the comfort of your home, but the experience of feeling the bass on a proper soundsystem hitting you in the chest, while the light shows are going down and the crowd is getting down? It doesn't matter how many homies you have, it's hard to recreate all of those elements in your friend's basement, or in some random field. The problem is, going to clubs can suck!

It can be hard to avoid going to clubs to see some of your favorite DJs. Yet, while its a necessary evil, there are a number of things we despise about club life that we remember every time we park outside of a venue. From the droves of people trying to get in to the types of people you meet once you're in, these are some of the worst aspects about hitting clubs.

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  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    Damn grumpy, sounds like you hate lots of shit. Don’t go out, stay inside where you won’t have to suffer the horrible fun of a club.

  • Marcus Malone

    what wrong w/asking what mix is playing?

    • http://www.facebook.com/den.red.5 Den Red

      A DJ is there to mix for the entire club (minimum 500+ people), not to take 10 seconds off their mix just for you to know what song it is, which you probably won’t remember or write down, and even if you did, you wont be able to find it on itunes or spotify anyway. Do you go to Walmart and jump a line full of people for a price check? it’s called courtesy. Also, Shazam exists. Just because you paid $20 to get in the club doesn’t give you the right to disrupt the party of everyone else in it just to know a song name. it’s silly.

    • http://www.facebook.com/den.red.5 Den Red

      oh, and btw, DJs spin ‘tracks’ and ‘songs’ not mixes. What they DO is MIX tracks.

      • Red Den

        This writer is a n00b

        • http://www.facebook.com/den.red.5 Den Red

          it’s seems he is. I’m very surprised security has never tried to kick him out of a club for going up into the DJ booth during performance.

        • http://www.facebook.com/den.red.5 Den Red

          hahahaha! thx for inverting my name Red Den :P

  • http://twitter.com/Bakobak Alex Bakk

    So basically everything about clubs sucks?

  • Dr Cheese

    Wack DJs? I don’t believe you are speaking of those who are green, but the top 40 wedding dj style poos

  • Lewis

    I dont even know why i go on this site anymore.

    1.If your not willing to spend cash why bother going out? The whole point of working hard is to play hard. If you cant afford the club then dont go or find somewhere cheaper. Not the clubs fault your broke.
    2.Turn up early if you dont like lines. Pretty easy way to fix that.
    3.Ever been to an airport? Big whoop i get patted down. Rather have to be molested by some 40 year old fat guy than have some drugged up pyshco pull a knife on me in the club
    4.If your their for the music why do you even care???? Laugh at them like everyone else!
    5.Haha youve got to be kidding me? Your a dance/edm/music website and your anouyed when people ask you for drugs at a club??!? Go back to your cosy quiet pubs if your scared of someone simply asking you a question! I dont take drugs, doesnt mean other people cant.
    6.You picked the club, how can you complain if you know whos djing? You know whos djing….right?
    7. Never happened to me in a club, been to clubs and concerts for 3+ years
    8.Welcome to popular dance music, theirs going to be people, lots of people, their going to be dancing alot, their isnt going to be lots of room… you sound like you dont even like dance music to be honest
    9.Dont go out there. If you smoke then just smoke out their and leave. how hard is that?
    10.Age doesnt matter, and if you think your too old for clubs then dont go.
    11.?????? all these things are your own problem, just dont go to a hotel or dont go to a club if you dont want to do any of these things!

    Terrible article, makes me think your a hipster who has no understanding of dance culture.

    • 1234

      “The whole point of working hard is to play hard.”
      Oh, baby. Back then I worked hard to get my ass in a good University to get a second degree. And my close buddy worked even harder to pay for aviation school to become a pilot on large passenger aircraft.
      Some people work hard to have awesome experiences. IMO most stuff that is available to us is somewhat a “cheap feel good experience”. That’s why I can really love concerts and music festivls, but dislike going to clubs.

      Heck, I’d give away my daily life so I can spend the rest of my days owning a hunting game reserve in Africa and forget our “civilised” Europe

  • areandroidsretarded?

    Do your self a favor and just delete this piece of shit article already. 11 things YOU hate about going to a club. Don’t speak for me and the hundreds of thousands who most likely disagree with you.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      doesn’t the title say “we?”

      • areandroidsretarded?

        Yes but I’m implying it should be titled ’11 things I hate about going to a club” not ‘we.’ because we includes myself, and these are not my beliefs, they are his and all the other whiny bitches out there.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          you keep saying “his,” but two people are credited to writing this piece. “I” wouldn’t make sense, hence the use of “we.”

  • derp ferguson

    #9 is totally club FUR in DC, and who hates on a smoking area? At least you’re not smoking the place out inside.

  • 12345

    Yet, my dear internetfriends, you still insist going to clubs despite all their flaws. You are somehow taught that it is an awesome place. And it is amazing how strong this stereotype is. That is why I, a person who never liked clubs, actually got together with friends and established a small club in a lesser city (i.e. non-capital). And it does great. It all together is simply an amazing money milking apparatus.
    I guess as long as people appear fine, it’s ok to charge

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      that’s the power move. kind of why we decided to operate in the lane we do for DAD as opposed to doing it the way others do.