14 Producers That Could Win at Hip-Hop

snoop bn li 14 Producers That Could Win at Hip Hop

"Producers we'd love to hear make hip-hop" - what does that mean? It means in addition to covering all things electronic music that we also like to think about how our electronic music world might sound if it merged with others. We at DAD particularly love the sound of hip-hop and electronic music together, even beyond trap. So in thinking about the two worlds, I came up with a list of 15 producers we'd love to hear make hip-hop. I went ahead and disqualified any producers in the trap world at all, as that list would grow to about 50 (trust, we tried to do it justice, but that's for another time), and put together a diverse list of producers I felt could and would make some beautiful, if not a bit more traditional, hip-hop.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rayven.wolske Rayven Wolske

    That Dj rashad song is boring as fuck

    • http://twitter.com/808sJake Jake

      Footwork isn’t for everyone, but you should check out the dancing that goes with it and you might start to understand it a bit better.

  • http://r4ns0m.tumblr.com R4NS0M

    Check SBTRKT’s remix of Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out” from a few years ago:


  • swangalang

    Yo doandroidsdance imma let u finish but the drake wild fire remix had nothing on the @swagtoof version

  • Armani


    • khal

      a-trak’s already made hip-hop… kind of an “obvious” choice wouldn’t you say?

  • Kam

    “What would joker sound like if he did Hip-hop?”
    Joker – Snake Eater
    You’re welcome.