15 Pictures of Daft Punk Unmasked

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We’ll admit it: DAD’s been on a Daft Punk kick. Since this site’s inception, we’ve been inundated with the return of the androids. It’s hard to not get caught up; their fourth album, with all of its hype, has DAD nostalgic. We look to the past to figure out how the future will play out, and with “Get Lucky” exciting us (and the rest of the world), it’s just making us dig that much deeper into DP lore.

A good friend of the site passed us an interview with Daft Punk from 1995, back when Homework was taking off, sans masks. It’s in French, so if anyone wants to translate, please go in, but that’s not the point. For Daft Punk, who have been so guarded with their likeness (and so inventive in the way that they have flipped their look), it’s wild to think that there was a time when they seemingly had no issue with their faces being shown. It’s probably going to be an even rarer occurrence as the years go on, but that’s part of the excitement.

So, to celebrate our travels back into the Daft Punk discography, let’s look back at the duo before they became the androids that now represent one of dance music’s most amazing acts.


  • andre

    now we all know why they wear masks.

    • the fucker that you pissed off

      you little shit

    • the fucker that you pissed off

      go fuck yourself

      • MAYANsavage



        • Ann Hiro


        • http://anotherheaven.biz/ Gaza


        • Sachethana Pathirage

          MOTER :D

    • Cuties after all

      To hide how pretty they are so people like you don’t feel bad about themselves :)

    • guest

      its because people like you who only care about looks bastard.

  • modi

    this is great!!!!!!

  • Patrick elizondo

    What is the brand of the t-shirt of thomas

    • guest

      Fred Perry

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  • http://www.facebook.com/conner.true Conner True

    That blue painted faces one.
    Does it have some relation to the Blue Men’s Group?

  • Willy K

    who is that bob dylan

  • Thrillington

    I remember them on a cover of a magazine painted green with them on lily pads in a frog pose… er, racist?? I think it was Musik Magazine.

    While I’m here I’ve got to recommend this mix of daft punk rarities – it’s tough! http://m.mixcloud.com/southernhospitality/twelve-12s-live-vinyl-mix-56-dj-hudson-daft-punk-special/

  • Thrillington

    Here’s the cover with them looking like frogs: http://ebid.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_big/9/5/9/1360578201-15324-26.jpg

  • Guest

    Now we all know why they wear masks.

    • lm

      you left this comment like 1,000 times.

  • Guest

    now we all know why they wear masks

  • Julian Binder

    GUy man is a sex bomb

  • notafanofdaftpunk

    the smaller dude (guy de homme-christo or whatever) looks like a juvenile vintage bond villain

  • elivelto

    nobody can live behind masks all life

  • Elen

    Daft Punk rocks I love them!

    • PppppCookiecripehjjjj

      I was watching electrom and I heard people talking about this so

  • MeowMix

    Why does Thomas have his mouth open in most of these photos. Also, in the most recent looking photo(where they aren’t covering their faces), guy man looks as if he gained a little weight. Just a little…

  • Julian Binder

    Idk what people are saying Guy man is a sexy fucker and thomas is a cute nerdy bebe

  • daft punk addic

    sure thats what they looked like back then but what about now the future i need to see guy man and his bud but nooooo please daft punk reaveal urself on ur last gig

  • anonymous

    They are not bad looking.

  • DocGuin

    This isn’t music ….its electronic hype and smoke and mirrors. A pair of musical wannabees.

    • Guest

      That’s why they just won the Grammy’s.

    • Sébastien Quevillon

      They have more passion, vision, knowledge and talent than most active and relevant artists today. They know their roots, keep them close and never settle down.

  • Matron

    Interstella 5555 (2001) is their strongest album … then Alive (1999) … I don’t enjoy their new single “Get Lucky,” it doesn’t sound … avoye … it sounds hackneyed, I like N.E.R.D. and “pharrell williams” and his Neptunes particularly … Shea Seger … j’ai bete, j’appelle bete … allez moi …

  • lolitrolledyoudown

    the small guy is skrillex

  • Juan dev

    all photos from 90´s, how their look actually?????

  • Geoff Shreeves

    good job complex on finding the easiest pics to find of them unmasked. anyone coulda just googled this to see every single one of these instantly

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Show me where it says WE SCOURED THE INTERNET FOR THESE HARD-TO-FIND PICTURES. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.