17 GIFs That Prove How Awesome Krewella Are

krewella li 17 GIFs That Prove How Awesome Krewella Are

While they've only been in the spotlight for the last few years, Krewella is one of those trios that is onto something big. Their music is perfect for the kids out there in the crowd, full of melody and aggression, but it's the way they present themselves that won us over. Sisters Jahan and Yasmine, along with Rain Man, are always giving us their huge personality. Whether it's in interviews being themselves or on the stage, immersing themselves into the music, you feel Krewella. That's part of the reason they won at this year's Ultra Music Festival - their set(s) connected in a way that others didn't.

Instead of presenting you with a cavalcade of mixes, or constructing long-form essays highlighting the perks and quirks of falling under Krewella's spell, we figured we'd just show you, moving picture style.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.thomas.9469545 Kelly Thomas

    I’m sorry, who the fuck are these posers?

    • Roger

      Run of the mill ear garbage. The kids will run out of drugs eventually and realize how much this crap suxs.

      • Jim Carter

        If you guys are gonna be douchbags why are you here? If you don’t like it leave. Just remember what everyone said about Elvis or rock & roll…

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          “If you don’t like it leave.”


        • XPWNZERX


      • XPWNZERX

        your an asshole too. i suggest you leave if you dont like it you moron. why are you even here?! we like it you dont. gtfo ass hat


      krewella dumbass…

  • teewelk

    Im sure that the people who rioted in Huntington Beach last week also listen to Krewella…

    • asshat

      wtf……how does that have anything to do with it? The People who started the Riot in HB were 909′ers and were almost all intoxicated. Please look at the police reports before jumping to conclusions…

  • THEend

    That guy in krewella is a faggot. I just read an interview with him and he said he has never been into dance music and doesn’t listen to dance music even today (he listens to nothing but metal).