20 Dance Music Tracks You Could Play at Your Mom’s Cookout

bbq meats grill li 20 Dance Music Tracks You Could Play at Your Mom’s Cookout

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and you know what that means: Cookouts, block parties, booze cruises, parades, beach parties, and the warm weather music that comes along with it. Gatherings of friends and family are hard to cater to as everyone has differing music tastes so picking smooth, soulful, upbeat jams is essential to creating a positive environment at your MDW shindig. You want those deep cuts. Plus a few borderline bangers. A mixture between danceable tracks and conversation-friendly slow jams are your best friend in this sort of situation, and we're here to help you make that happen. But no matter what you do... start your day out with the summer/cookout track to end all summer/cookout tracks: "Summertime," baby bird. Summertime.

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  • Johannes

    Shit.. I find these tracks to be the ever posted on DAD. Am I getting old? – Or am I infact your mom?

    • Tyler Dornenburg

      Hey Johannes – the title of the article was just meant to imply that this song selection could work for any crowd. I’m 24 and I play this same song selection when I have parties at my house.

    • DavidGilling

      Dude, Get Lucky was released just a few months ago ;)

  • Tone

    Ehh, Bufi’s remix of “Sweatness Alive” is MUCH better than Pat Lok’s.