20 Miami Music Week Events You Must Attend

miami music week 20 Miami Music Week Events You Must Attend

Although there's always a ton of talk about the Ultra Music Festival itself, it's really only the crown jewel in a very ornate collection. Daytime discos, boat bounces, and club celebrations, Miami Music Week is truly the biggest time of year for EDM. DJs, producers, agents, managers, promoters, publicists, bloggers, you name it, everyone is there. Business gets done, deals are made, and relationships forge. By the same token, Miami Music Week is also notorious for the kinds of shenanigans go down, but you're only there to party RIGHT?!

Well, lucky for you there's a ridonkulous amount of action going on, no matter what your flavor is. Dubstep, deep house, gltich hop, trance, techno, you name it. And while we'd love to give you the run down on all of the incredible happenings, that's not possible. There are still amazing events not on this list. So let's get to some of our favorite picks for Miami Music Week!

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  • Tanner Weil

    is there a dress code? and or an event page for this? i havent had any luck with either…

  • Guy

    typically club mekka has no serious dress code…. it often hosts parties where people come to dance, rather than show off their clothes :) Here’s a link to a ticket page for Apres………Just scroll down a bit…. It’s under “Pretty Lights Music, Embrace, TSIS & Headtron Present – APRES ”

    • Tanner Weil

      thanks for your help!