5 Reasons Why You Should Call It EDM

EDM electronicdancemusic1 5 Reasons Why You Should Call It EDM

EDM. Dance music. Electronic music. Electronica. Electronic Dance Music. Eurodance. Techno. Dubstep. These are just some of the names that've been used to describe the music we all care so deeply about. For a long time, it didn't matter what we called it, because no one else was paying attention and it was just ours. In 2013, the year of the rave, we know that this is no longer the case.

As more and more people find their way behind the decks and festivals get bigger and bigger, this music is experiencing growing pains. What we're actually calling it seems to be the biggest right now. EDM, as it has been called on this site, has taken the most flack and while we see why, we're not subscribing to it. Dance music isn't quite right and neither is electronic. Electronic dance music is just burdensome. Techno and dubstep are indivdual styles that at times have been reappropriated as derisive terms from haters. So once and for all, here are five reasons why you should call it EDM.

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  • aliasizmbass

    whoever wrote this shit.. i hope you die

  • crap


  • hlogic

    If this isn’t a troll i just dunno……..worst thing i have ever seen, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about

  • SHAQ

    What the fuck has techno ever done to you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.smith.nz Dylan Smith

    Why even bother writing this shit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gdbiles Greg Biles

    Wow this is really fucking bad. Jesus you must have just gone to your first rave the other day after your friend offered you some molly so now everything is hunky dory. You are the reason that everyone criticizes the electronic scene you moron.

    >2013 the year of the rave

    Find the nearest bridge and throw yourself off it.

  • Dancing Dickface

    Dancing Astronaut is for LOSERS!11!!!!!111111

  • Garrett

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  • Chinese Loser

    Wait, Dancing Astronaut definitely sells out, but aren’t others far bigger prostitutes?

  • Innit

    This is some of the poorest writing I have ever seen. I don’t understand how you can refer to yourself as a professional writer. “It’s easier” and “it’s not wrong” are not valid arguments. Where did you learn to write?

  • Haterade

    Shitty article

  • http://www.facebook.com/afitton815 Andy Fitton

    “Dance Music” is also viable for every single one of the reasons listed.

  • http://twitter.com/keithwozniak Keith Wozniak

    “it becomes tedious to write out electronic dance music.” It’s all tedious reading horrible lists. Don’t write that out, write what genre you’re describing. This is pure laziness. Don’t give in to the corporate term that was invented by suits.

  • nick

    It’s called House Music (Dubstep and all that crap shouldn’t even be associated with it). It’s been called house for the longest time. If not just call it Electro. EDM sounds like a sexual disease

    • http://www.facebook.com/xavier.mafe Xavier Mafe

      you are a sexual disease bro

    • Evan Scott


      I strongly agree with Nick

    • Assassynth

      Electro (or Techno) sounds so much better than this lame EDM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xavier.mafe Xavier Mafe

    Jordan fuck the fuck off. I’m not even going to play nice guy anymore. You have absolutely no room to talk with some of the quarter baked shit that I see coming out of electrojams. The fact that you can’t keep talent at electrojams is nobody’s fault but your own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xavier.mafe Xavier Mafe

    The nutless individuals that commented on this article are exactly what is wrong with the scene right now. Judging by your comments, I am led to believe that none of you bros (or hoes) are qualified or even capable of writing a counter argument against what Jake had to say. If you are going to criticize an opinion on the internet that’s great. I’m sure Jake would totally love an intelligent and challenging discussion on the topic. You clowns are just wasting everybody’s fucking time however.

    • Greg


      fuck you xavier you prissy twat.

    • househead

      So…how many people think this guest post was written by Jake?

  • Lipstick21

    This is what happens when u let mainstream website to cover electronic music, which is (until recently) underground.
    F U for this hidius article
    Im ashamed

  • Martin

    “Yes, I know there are differences between what David Guetta makes and what Maya Jane Coles makes and that one is more accurately EDM, but these differences are nuanced to most. To take the time to separate the two in casual conversation is more than most people will want or care to understand. After years of explaining that I liked variations of house music, I’ve adapted to saying EDM because it’s simpler than explaining what drumstep is.”

    See, this is where you went wrong… Everyone who hates the term “EDM” also cares very much about the variations of music that arise from “EDM”. Clearly it isn’t important to you since you support this term but for us, it’s a limiting generalization that is ruining our music. This is what happens when America takes hold of something. Before it was “EDM” to you and before it was “Techno”, it was labeled as something else. My favorite nickname of them all. It was called “The world’s best kept secret”. I always loved that nickname. If you remember that and remember how it was posted on the very few blogs that created this movement, you’ll remember why we loved that it was a secret. Not so others wouldn’t find out about it, but so that we knew how special it was to be part of the secret and part of the music. Individuality > Conformity man. Plus, I’m very sure your reasons 3 & 4 are exactly the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/InspekTheHex Hector Garcia

    Growing up as a kid techno was what it was, didn’t make sense at all, now techno is a genre in edm, wow it’s changed

    • Almark

      but EDM sounds way different than the stuff we heard 20 years ago. It’s it’s own genre, it’s not technically those genres, and it will eventually go away.

  • sleepster

    I stopped sleeping after i heard that medical industry uses term REM instead of Rapid Eye Movement. take that industry

    • khal



    Techno != EDM
    House != EDM
    Dirty Dutch != House

    EDM is big room top40 overstated garbage. Eric Prydz has fallen far since 2004, but I can’t blame the guy for cashing in on teenage trends.

    The author of this article knows nothing and needs to listen to more dance music.

    • khal

      ladies and gentlemen, the expert has spoken. let’s hope he never speaks again.

    • Almark

      here here I agree.

  • Olliepop

    Terribly written reductionist drivel. EDM is the overly simplistic bastard child of american mainstream culture and its inability to take in any information beyond one phrase.

    EDM Makes a mockery of the originality and creativity of the true creators in the scene by lumping the underground pushers of new music in with the cookie cuter band wagon riders like SHM and Skrillex.

    A name already exists, and its dance music.

    Using a term like EDM is like saying that you’re going to start saying Guitar Rock. Its fucking stupid.

    The Main argument though is truly that nothing new is happening in dance music, so americans have no right to storm in claiming new names and genres for things that already exist on a massive international scale.

    • Sqreel

      Indeed sir! The only reason they have to call it “EDM” is because before they all labelled it as “Techno” which was used as a derogatory term…but now the states has finally (FINALLY after 20+ years!!!!) caught up with the rest of the world they have to “re-brand” it to make it cool and acceptable.

  • Ronnie M

    The term “EDM” has been around a long-ass time, long before all these little kids jumping on the bandwagon who call themselves so-called “house music-lovers” caught wind of it. Back when people were so ignorant, they were referring to all types of EDM as “techno”, which is even worse. So don’t hate on the term just because you’ve only recently heard of it. It has been around for a while. I do agree that now that EDM has become so much more mainstream (especially in America), people are using the term “EDM” out of ignorance, because they really don’t know the difference between all the different genres. The reason why they use the term “EDM” is because they don’t know the difference between house (and all it’s sub-genres: tech house, progressive house, etc), trance, techno, dubstep, drum&bass, breaks, and all the other genres in EDM (which is pretty sad). Most people don’t know anything else besides what is mainstream

    • Sqreel

      What are you on about?? The Abbreviation “EDM” has been around since 2006. The *rest* of the world were actually allowed to listen to dance music without having it branded “Techno” and “shit” since 1988.

      • FUCK EDM

        EXACTLY. Only in America did anyone ever use the term EDM in the past 10 years. And NOBODY used the term in the glorious 90′s when Electronic Music was at its very best.

        • Almark

          the 90s were awesome, that’s when people were each doing a different thing. I hate this stuff so much that I go looking for avant-garde electronic, stuff that moves me in great ways, I want different like the 90s again, I think a lot of us want different. So the underground is about to explode, I hear many awesome artists who trump EDM.

  • househead

    “To take the time to separate the two in casual conversation is more than
    most people will want or care to understand. After years of explaining
    that I liked variations of house music, I’ve adapted to saying EDM
    because it’s simpler than explaining what drumstep is. For me,
    electronic dance music has been my life and if you read this site, you
    probably feel that way to some degree.”

    –Yeah so this music is my life but it’s soooo tiresome to explain in an extra 20 seconds to someone else exactly what drumstep is! Actually the truth is…I have no idea what drumstep is…so I just say EDM–

  • mir

    last time i f*ckin checked, rap and hip hop, rnb was electronically made as well. that’s EDM too, right? even pop is EDM. jesus you damn noobs are trying the “Scene” now, go back to linkin park and what was hot before modern dubstep came the US

    • mir

      trying to control the “Scene” now

    • khal

      “last time i f*ckin checked, rap and hip hop, rnb was electronically made as well. that’s EDM too, right?”


  • lennahc_cisab

    This is so fucking sad. It makes me so angry. Because electronic dance music is my passion, and this article is an archetypical example of how such amazing musical culture and history have been completely FUCKED up by the “American mainstream” (I hate that word, mainstream, but that’s the best I can do to convey the group responsible for this travesty).

    Most would argue that proper electronic dance music culture as we know it first got going in the Detroit underground during the peak of the city’s industrial decline. It was a reactionary movement spurred by such terrible socioeconomic conditions. All these people had left in their life was music and a bunch of abandoned warehouses, so techno was born. And ever since its genesis, techno and club music have been a *counterculture* (it exists specifically as an alternative/reaction to the norm), aka it was underground. Most would say techno and dance music are defined as being rhythmically-oriented, super repetitive, hypnotic, etc etc, but the main defining point of techno was always that it was NEW and RADICAL and DIFFERENT. Hence it is a underground by definition.

    Fast forward to the rise of the commercialization (made for profit (as opposed to being made for the love of the culture) aka exploitation) of such music in clubs and then on to massive festivals, and then to…. brostep. And now we have “EDM” as the kids call it. It’s by all means
    “mainstream” fodder marketed by huge economic entities as a way of profiting off of our youth. EDM is super-saturated pop music. It’s not NEW, not RADICAL – it’s a gimmick.

    Now I can’t even tell people that I like “quality” club music anymore without them rolling their eyes.

    Have fun at Electric Zoo / ULTRA / EDC you ignorant morons.

  • http://NSFWallpaper.tumblr.com/ RaYZoR

    oh, I didn’t realize everybody is throwing around the term EDM so loosely nowadays. Its like calling any song with a rap featured artist, just RAP… its so loose… Idk about you guys but I try to be direct and explain to my peers what I specifically like because EDM is so broad… mainly because there are so many different forms of electronic music that the term EDM is misleading…
    Now for example say we take a genre like HOUSE, which is apparently just referred to EDM according to this article…HOUSE within itself has many sub-genres, to name a few: Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Dance/DJ, etc… I can go on… but what bothers me is just calling House music, just house music… I’m an audiophile, and I like to know what I’m listening to exactly. no generalizations! Maybe that’s just me.. But if someone is listening to a house-y song, and I ask them what genre is that.. I’d want to know exactly. Oh that’s Claude Von Stroke, its Deep House-y and Dance music…. oh thanks!!
    That’s much more informative than just saying, Oh that’s Claude Von Stroke, he’s an EDM producer…

    The fuck does that mean?!?!
    LOL. Idk that’s how I feel about the term… Its a good term if you’re with your friends who listen to similar electronic musics with you… then I’d use the term EDM… but not when I’d have to explain it to somebody.

    Dubstep.Trap-style. HOUSE and DEEP HOUSE. AMBIENT Instrumentals. GLITCH-HOP

    • FUCK EDM

      the worst thing is when you go on YouTube and you see these new labels like MONSTERCAT who claim to have “drum & bass” and “progressive house” and “electro” – yet it sounds nothing like TRUE drum & bass, or actual “Progressive House” which is what early Leftfield sounds like – and definitely not Electro – that’s Aux 88, that’s Drexciya, that’s Kurtis Mantronik. I fucking hate this EDM SHIT – it is ruining Electronic Music and misinforming kids out there who are not educated to the music or the history.

    • Matthew Messina

      This is probably the only comment in this comment section that means something. As opposed to FUCK EDM AND FUCK YOU ALL.

  • Lily


    • FUCK EDM

      No KIDS TODAY call it EDM. Old School ravers HATE the term. I dispise the term. The kids today DO NOT FOLLOW ambient music, IDM, breakbeats, trip hop, experimental or original TRUE trance. They follow the POP MUSIC known as Electro House, so-called “trance” which really sounds like Electro House, Hardstyle which is sped up Electro House, Brostep, and Trap, all POP music that has NOTHING to do with UNDERGROUND ELECTRONIC MUSIC. EDM is simply a new term for DANCE POP.

  • whateverwillb

    EDM or Electronic Dance Music IS NOT A GENRE. If I ask you what kind of music will be playing at the party/gig/rave and you tell me EDM, I still have no idea what to expect. If I rock up and it’s techno (no disrespect to people who like techno), but I won’t like it. I don’t like techno. If it’s hardcore, or tech house, I won’t like it much either. If it’s drum and bass or funky house, or dubstep, I will probably love it. The reason people shouldn’t call it EDM is because it is entirely useless as a descriptive term. It’s like grouping Rock and Roll, Country, and Grunge as ‘Acoustic’. And when these millennial kids are asked what music they’re into and they say ‘EDM’, it’s like a big screaming neon sign that reads ‘I HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT MUSIC, I just like what they play at the dance parties I go to.’

    Get educated.

    • FUCK EDM

      YES! These kids today have no fucking clue about Electronic Music – all they know about is what is popular. Electronic Music was NEVER about being POPULAR. It was Underground and it was OURS, we had it to ourselves.


    what a fucking joke this article is. “it gets tiresome trying to explain” – and by calling it EDM you are not making it any better. The UK and EUROPE understand Electronic Music because it became part of the culture by simply being House, New Beat, or Techno in the beginning, but they had plenty of magazines covering the music like Muzik, Mixmag, Frontpage, Knowledge, etc. – these magazines and the coverage on MTV Europe helped people understand the music a lot better and laid out all the different genres so it wouldn’t be confusing. The USA is so far behind so kids today have to lump it all into EDM because they simply don’t know shit about the music at all.

    Today with the internet the US magazines like URB and XLR8R are no longer in print and simply online in a web filled with “EDM” sites. Which is a shame. URB at one time was THE definitive magazine out there and helped me understand (along with the European mags) the music just by reading about it.

    Kids and young writers of sites like this one today simply do not have that. They have YouTube and SoundCloud to see which new producer just made a new track in 5 minutes that has a “Sick Drop” – so sad.

    • Almark

      Man I so agree with you, I’m 37 and grew up hearing the experimental stuff from the UK, and I’m also American, and I can’t stand that they took electronic and made it hyped up and another rock and roll, it’s another rock and roll man. You’re right kids today do not understand the philosophy of what electronic really is. EDM Is house and trance with that stupid drop anthem crap. I’m sick to death of EDM the term, the hype, the photos of neon clothes, it’s not changing electronic music, it’s making it worse. It’s it’s no wonder guitar lovers hate electronic music, EDM is killing electronic’s reputation. Go to the experimental side of electronic and that’s where the art is, but tell that to the drop kids. I once played my music on a stupid chatroom for EDM, at the time I didn’t realize what I was doing there, I didn’t know EDM was baised to real electronic. I played my electronic music I create, it’s very avant-garde and sometimes glitchy, they all said, where’s the drop! I was pissed. Then I knew that electronic music in the states was lost.


    I simply hate the hypocrisy behind the term EDM – it is NOT an umbrella term when the majority of music that the kids and writers of these websites cover is Electro House, Brostep, Hardstyle, or Trap. These kids today do not CARE about the other genres – they don’t listen to IDM, Ambient, Trip Hop, anything Downtempo or Experimental.

    They don’t care about the pioneers either – nor do they want to. They don’t know or care about Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, B12, The Black Dog, some of the most important artists in the history of Electronic Music. They don’t know about historic labels like Rising High Records, Apollo, FAX, or anything about labels at all. They don’t follow labels because their too busy following crap wannabes like Monstercat on YouTube.

    Yet the claim is that EDM is an “UMBRELLA” term. This is FALSE because that is not how it is used by the kids today, even though they claim it is, they don’t follow shit outside of whats popular. The truth is EDM is just a new form of Dance Pop Music and it should be SEPARATE from the TRUE Electronic Music.

    • FUCK EDM

      they’re too busy, bad typo there.


    “it’s quick, and it’s EASY. As a professional writer, it becomes tedious
    to write out electronic dance music a few hundred times a day, when EDM
    will work just as well. With the music and culture’s universal growth,
    new fans are looking for easy, digestible ways of understanding it and
    EDM is it. We can’t scare them away with a million names and styles, so
    to call it EDM serves a purpose. If their interest grows, they will
    undoubtedly learn the differences just as millions continue to do.”

    so as a YOUNG uninformed “professional” writer you couldn’t write out Electronica, or Electronic Music. Why does it have to be Electronic Dance Music? I’m so lazy, I can’t type Electronic Music, so EDM is better? LAME.

    “IF THEIR INTEREST GROWS” – exactly IF – the “Interest” won’t go any further than the NEW genres of Brostep, Electro House, Trap, Glitch Hop, Drumstyle (whatever the FUCK that is) or Hardstyle. ONLY those who have an OPEN MIND to actually DIG DEEPER into the music will learn the true differences of Electronic Music. “Just as Millions continue to do” – NO. JUST NO. You fucking kids today DO NOT HAVE A CLUE. And yes I’m talking about you “professional writer” – the millions of millennials today only listen to the genres I mentioned. THAT IS IT. I can guarantee you a very small percentage actually knows or follows Ambient or IDM.


    “Every other genre has been shortened for ease. Country and western
    became country, rock n’ roll became rock, hip-hop is now generally
    rolled into rap, and now electronic dance music has turned into EDM.
    It’s part of game and it’s unavoidable.”

    ERM, wouldn’t ELECTRONIC be short for Electronic Dance Music? Country & Western became Country. Rock N Roll became Rock. Electronic Dance Music should then be ELECTRONIC – not fucking lame ass EDM. “It’s part of the game, because I’m too young to even know what Electronic Music was like in the glorious 90′s” – yes you have no clue at all.


    what the fuck?

    ” Yes, Afrika Bambaataa’s
    “Planet Rock” was electronic and it was made for dancing, but no one’s
    calling that EDM and while it technically could be called that, EDM
    really refers to the current music scene.”

    so basically what we’ve been saying – TODAYS SHITTY NEW DANCE POP GENRES ARE EDM. But yet kids today say that old school stuff is EDM and it’s all one big genre, here you say Afrika Bambaattaa shouldn’t be. SO HYPOCRITICAL – this generation of YOLO’s and UNINFORMED kids like this writer have NO CLUE about Electronic Music. Do you even know who fucking Afrika Bambaataa is?


    “And for those of us who have been defending this music for a long time,
    we know that it wasn’t too long ago that we were all called “techno”

    who fucking cares what mainstream frat boys called our music? oh wait, those are the same mainstream frat boys that are now going NUTS AT ULTRA BRO!!!! YEAH SICK DROP BRO!!!!

    I honestly am getting sick of reading this drivel about “everyone called it Techno” – maybe they should have, maybe it would have kept the music underground. So maybe people could get an education on where this music came from: DETROIT and then maybe from that they could learn about house music from CHICAGO. Then after learning about that, maybe they could have dug deeper to find out that Techno: The New Dance Sound Of Detroit was released in 1988 in the UK and it helped spawn more Techno artists in Euorpe, and then maybe they could learn about Acid House and how important it was in the UK, then maybe from there they could have learned about Breakbeats and how the early Hardcore sound developed in Europe. Then from there they could have learned about how sped up breakbeats formed what would be known as Jungle. Then from there they could go back further and learn about New Beat in Belgium. Then after that they could be so interested in learning more, they could learn about the new IDM scene coming from artists like B12 and The Black Dog. Then from there they could explore ambient music. Then from there, they could discover the Bristol sound of Trip Hop. Then after that if they still wanted to dig deeper they could look to Germany and the early Trance sounds coming from MFS, Superstition, and Rising High. Imagine that. Actually trying to learn something interesting without being FORCE FED by shit websites like this one.

  • Assassynth

    How about no. The term EDM sucks.

  • Allan

    Holy shit! I didn’t even made it past point number one. “edm is better than techno”… and yes someone dares to write it… damn! pls. shoot me. As of anyone else with sense that gets to these lines yes please dont call that plastic EDM shitty stuff “Techno” or “House” its neither one of them, REAL Techno and House had something truly different than EDM commercial crap does not: identity.

  • Almark

    Sorry to say but EDM is not real electronic dance, it’s a certain kind of genre that has creep into modern culture. It’s a formula that seems to eat it’s way into all the new artists in the commercial scene. Coming from making electronic myself for over 14 years I’ve heard many styles of electronic, and I am not a fan of some of them, I’m certainly not a fan of EDM. It’s not the name that I’m attacking, it’s the hype, the hype is what sells. The “American” term of Electronic. It’s like we took electronic and made it rock and roll, that’s basically what big media and labels did, artists that could sell a few million. EDM does not sound like electronic music that I’ve heard for the past 20 years, it’s anthem, that woop wooop woop, fast snare, faster faster then BOOM thing that’s EDM, that comes from things like trance, and house. EDM is nothing more than trance and house but the formula is getting old fast. The commercial world isn’t doing anything new to electronic music, it’s the exact same it was when I first started hearing this “EDM” term in 2008. Acid, now that was a cool genre, stuff like rave music in the 90s, it didn’t have stupid drops to appease a bunch of neon kids. EDM is also a mask for pop music, technically it’s pre-made beats per DJ with the same intent, sell a few records, forget the art, make a few electro melodies. I’ve heard damn good electronic music and I’m American and this EDM thing is not good music. I just hope the masses come to realize what the media has been feeding them all these years. You see the States shunned electronic music for over 30 years, now suddenly it’s explosive, but the style of it kind of went out long ago. Get some of the underground electronic that I hear often out in the public like it was during the late 90s and things will start to get interesting again. You see electronic music in the states is just one big loop like the play button the DJ love to press. Yeah It’s harsh what I’m saying but you know it’s the truth.

  • Amonte Allen

    The coin term is Elecrtonic. All of this music is being made electronically, the base Genre should and deserves to Be Electronic.

    The reason EDM is being pushed as a Label is because someone of profiting off of all of it in some way-shape or form.

    Most-Likely it’s being pushed to help advertise these EDM event that people like Deadmau5 are hosting.

    Sure, we need to call it something other than simply electronic, so people know we’re talking about music, not including other types of electronics.

    Well EDM would be incorrect because ambiance, dub-step and a lot of other styles are not made to be danced to, rather sleep medicine, Background fodder and video game/ass kicking music.

    The dancing stuff is the HIP-HOP, Pop, and Hard-style rhythms, but even then, those are still used for things other than dancing.

    The master Genre should Be Electronic,
    Call your events whatever you want, don’t try to push the label onto all of music, you guys are like Jesus freaks trying to convert everyone to Christians.

    Basically they change the name to EDM and say they created it, No fuck off.