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Recently, we took the time out to highlight 50 dope producers who (at the time) were sitting under 5000 SoundCloud followers. We couldn't help it; if the DAD collective has one thing in common, it's highlighting acts who are doing the damn thing in their collective field that aren't getting light shone on them properly. And guess what? 50 wasn't enough. We had a number of names that didn't make it in that feature, so we decided to go back in and spread some love to 50 more acts who are currently sitting under 5000 SoundCloud followers. We're spanning all genres and touching on a couple of continents, but the end result is that confusion. Maybe one of these days we'll have the answers, but right now? We'll just share the wealth of dope producers in hopes that things change.

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  • Finesse

    there’s people under 1k better than this dudes ;)

    • Perger Bence


  • George Smith

    I really just gotta say thank you from everyone who uses this site. The work you geez do for the scene and the artists is phenomenal. Top work.

  • ConstructDubs


  • Neoteric

    Thank you! Honored to be on this list. I’ve gotta make my personal Soundcloud more of a priority! You’re right about the label biz keepin me busy, but it’s time to finish these tracks…respek!!!

  • http://NSFWallpaper.tumblr.com/ RaYZoR

    Excellent, another long list of artists/producers that will take more than a three days to successfully go through and listen to in-depth… Thanks for the list though, Complex & Do Androids Dance, because now I can give my attention to producers that really do deserve it.
    Love from Chicago

  • carlos
  • Kendall Walls

    Only glanced over the list but Lapsley if she’s not on here. And Tina Turnup is greatness.

  • Joey Massa

    Thank You! Honored to be on this list!! Respect!!

  • Teodoro

    I think you’ve missed out on a 50 more producers. I highly recommend Tape-Roc (https://soundcloud.com/tape-roc), he has that Dilla-influenced mashed with other genres at the same time. Cray good. And really young.

    • Jake

      I think we missed out on a lot. It’d be arrogant and stupid to think this is the limit of great producers with under 5,000 soundcloud followers.

  • WoopWoop
  • http://soundcloud.com/jlektro J-Lektro

    Adding myself to this list for self promo.

  • http://soundcloud.com/jlektro J-Lektro

    hope to collab with some of these people


    What about BILLAIN?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Billain’s sitting over 11K followers. Way outside of the criteria for this feature.

  • Yoann

    soundcloud : PourquoiPourquoi

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Great article!

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