50 More Under 5000

harikiri 50 More Under 5000
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Number of Followers: 2641
SoundCloud URL: https://soundcloud.com/harikiri
Location: Birmingham/London, UK

Harikiri from Britain is a champion beatmaker who whips up songs that will help you meet your recomended daily intake of bass. I first got to know him through his moombahton but he's since dropped some amazing trap, drum & bass, and twerk tracks. —Brice

  • Finesse

    there’s people under 1k better than this dudes ;)

    • Perger Bence


  • George Smith

    I really just gotta say thank you from everyone who uses this site. The work you geez do for the scene and the artists is phenomenal. Top work.

  • ConstructDubs


  • Neoteric

    Thank you! Honored to be on this list. I’ve gotta make my personal Soundcloud more of a priority! You’re right about the label biz keepin me busy, but it’s time to finish these tracks…respek!!!

  • http://NSFWallpaper.tumblr.com/ RaYZoR

    Excellent, another long list of artists/producers that will take more than a three days to successfully go through and listen to in-depth… Thanks for the list though, Complex & Do Androids Dance, because now I can give my attention to producers that really do deserve it.
    Love from Chicago

  • carlos
  • Kendall Walls

    Only glanced over the list but Lapsley if she’s not on here. And Tina Turnup is greatness.

  • Joey Massa

    Thank You! Honored to be on this list!! Respect!!

  • Teodoro

    I think you’ve missed out on a 50 more producers. I highly recommend Tape-Roc (https://soundcloud.com/tape-roc), he has that Dilla-influenced mashed with other genres at the same time. Cray good. And really young.

    • Jake

      I think we missed out on a lot. It’d be arrogant and stupid to think this is the limit of great producers with under 5,000 soundcloud followers.

  • WoopWoop
  • http://soundcloud.com/jlektro J-Lektro

    Adding myself to this list for self promo.

  • http://soundcloud.com/jlektro J-Lektro

    hope to collab with some of these people


    What about BILLAIN?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Billain’s sitting over 11K followers. Way outside of the criteria for this feature.

  • Yoann

    soundcloud : PourquoiPourquoi

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Great article!

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