50 People Who Hated (Or Were Confused By) Avicii’s Album Premiere at the Ultra Music Festival

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On Thursday night, we reported that Avicii was planning on premiering his forthcoming album during his main stage set at Day 1 of the 2013 Ultra Music Festival’s second weekend. Judging by what we already knew about his album, Avicii isn’t just making another EDM album. Mike Shinoda, Nile Rodgers, and many other names are helping him craft a particular vision, and during last night’s UMF live-stream, we got to see where he is planning on taking us.

And it’s interesting, to say the least. Singer Aloe Blacc joined Avicii on stage… as did a number of banjo players, members of the band Incubus, and a woman playing the kazoo. It was an interesting mixture of country, pop, folk, and EDM, but for a prime time, main stage Ultra Music Festival set, Avicii left a lot of people baffled. Soundisstyle gave us a pretty accurate rundown of what happened last night, but we wanted to see what the people thought.

It wasn’t pretty. From utter confusion about the set and what was going down to pure venom being spewed, the Internets had something to say about Avicii’s set. We want to know what you thought – did you dig Avicii’s new sound? Do you feel it was right for a UMF stage? Will you be buying his new album? Hit the comments, let us know!


  • PMA

    Comment by bunch of random people, cmon i’m sure you can find 50 randoms who enjoyed the set, i thought when i opened this thread there would like musicians or something similars comments…

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      what made you think there would be “like musicians or something similars comments?”

  • http://twitter.com/str8_2DizzyK Trevor Kerr

    God forbid he explore and expand with his music. Guess he better publicly apologize for not playing formulaic “Progressive house”

    Sorry kids, there’s nothing progressive about hat genre… just a bunch of sweeds making and re-making the same song.

    If you call it EDM, you have no opinion. Bunch of band wagon bitches that’ll retire their “RAGE” snapbacks and pills for the next phase.

    If you don’t like exploration and variety, just listen to Laidback Luke, or better yet… get out of the electronic music scene.

  • http://twitter.com/MehDavid David

    Just shows how dimwitted and hipster-swag-yolo these people are that pay excessive amount of dollars to go see a show with the same top Beatport songs being played by different DJs with pre-composed sets, when they get upset Avicii has different styles, lord forbid they actually hear something “unprogressive”.

    It’s people like Avicii, Armin Van Buuren and Nicky Romero changing things in the electronic music area. We need new sounds, new instruments and a new feel. I’m sick of hearing Levels and generic clunky house crap.

  • Nige

    ummm if I go to the restaurant and ask and pre pay for a filet mignon and I get a dry chicken I am going to be pissed. The people have all right to be pissed because the fans are what put him on the stage. They bought his music and made him. He didnt get there by playing “banjo” music. Its one thing to experiement and give people a heads up, its another to pay a premium and get what you didnt ask for.

    And stop with the with the bandwagon hating. you sound old and bitter

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  • Blast the Funk

    Avicii just isn’t a good performer. Sure the guy can produce but who gives a shit when he can’t put together a live performance. Once he learns to mix and actually play a show, then I will give him some respect. Pressing ‘play’ doesn’t count.
    No one likes his awful “rave” synths and stock drums anyway. Cool bro.