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Across the globe, there are an unimaginable amount of wonderful people making magical music that will stand the the test of time. But the mainstream market is small and specific, and we're bored with it, quite honestly. There is a new wave of artists that are ready to elbow their way to the top, and the OG's that never quite figured out how important social media is (or how to maximize it) are still swinging.

Instead of quietly complaining, the DAD staff decided to band together as a team in an effort to showcase some of our favorite producers with less than 5,000 followers. This was our opportunity to spread the word to artists, labels, booking agencies, blogs, and fans of music about some of the artists that move us. We hope this sheds some light on these massive(-ly underappreciated) producers.

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  • Katie

    You should check out these dudes Autograf they are under 5k but tracks are smooth and sexy https://soundcloud.com/autografmusic

  • Kenneth William Schick

    cool post cant wait to read up on the next one

  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • John Moses
  • Nicholas James Concklin
  • John Moses
  • hdfh

    thank you for this! always good to see blog such as yourself support underground artists that i can now add to my itunes library!

  • Kid Selecta
  • Guest

    this is pretty cool! hoping to end up on lists like this one day! if you like tripped out electronic music that is made for smoking and chillin check me out, i sing, write, and produce everything myself.


  • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

    PLEASE continue to share your suggestions to us!! It might make sense to roll out a second post with another 50, and we love hearing good music regardless of plays or followers.

  • Drea Sick Ness

    female vocalist and producer from texas. weird tripped out electronic music made for chillin.

  • James Casey

    He is fairly popular now so not sure if this is the right forum but I’ll post anyway. Jimmy Edgar is apart of Jets, Dream Continuum, and Om Unit. Recently released an album called Vapor City. It’s awesome!

    • Jake

      Didn’t read the part where it says the list is soundcloud accounts with UNDER 5,000 followers? Machiendrum has over 83K. On top of that, we love Machinedrum, JETS and loved Vapor City (one of my faves of 2013…)….click around and read something. You might find something you like :)

    • Walmer Convenience

      whoa this machinedrum is crazy. thanks for helping me discover his music

  • James Casey

    Bugseed is a Tokyo-based beatmaker.

  • ok
  • PharrellsJealousAdidasJacket

    Whoa dude, It’s 12AM and i’m just seeing this? Gianni Marino? Phat Deuce? Juyen Sebulba? Doctor Jeep? The Happy Colors? Jon Kwest? The Saint? Shelco Garcia? Teen Wolf? G-Buck? Tina Turnup? Alex Supreme? Hoodie? FootworK? Cy Kosis? yeah, this list is pretty much a joke..this is just from scrambling through my soundcloud of people that YOU GUYS posted.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      What makes this list a joke? Because we didn’t post more than 50 artists? And we included Jon Kwest in here. We said “showcase SOME of our favorite producers with less than 5,000 followers.” We didn’t say this was the top or best or anything.

    • Nicholas James Concklin

      Suffice to say there are way more than 50 but to post more than 50 at once would be overload for people. This list is full of talent and obviously not a joke and they gleefully acknowledge that there are a plethora more than these 50. No need to get sassy

    • Walmer Convenience

      I think the real lesson here is that PharrellsJealousAdidasJacket can’t read. Which makes sense because he’s a jacket and most of them are inanimate. I hope you are one of those producers, since it would mean you chose the right profession, and not something like law which would require that you take the time to understand what has clearly been explained in the very post you are criticizing

  • Jeff Hild


    Nappy, you already know my suggestion….. for the rest of you who don’t know, this boy is special right here…… EP dropping next month on clubtapes.com

  • Erik
    • Tim

      listen to the newers like the day you left and love space!

  • https://facebook.com/ozradecks ozradecks