Late Night “Limbo” With 8PRN: An IM Interview

Image via 8prn
Image via 8prn

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute genre-freak. From studying the foundational concept of what makes up genre, to educating the uninitiated on a new emerging style, to developing a proprietary system for categorizing, organizing, and tagging my music files – I’m obsessed with genre. With all that said, 8prn‘s newest tune “Limbo” is exactly the kind of tune I love. A tune with no clear genre distinctions!! Rightly so, as the track is tagged “Experimental.”  At any rate, I wanted to hear more about this tune; ask some questions and find out what’s going on with it.  With that intention in mind, I hit up 8prn on Facebook for an IM conversation after I heard the track… at around 3AM, Monday morning.

What inspired this track?
I made it in the summer. just wanted to run with a heavier feel. the acid bass thing was new for me too.  Thanks man!

Yeah man acid bass is real cool. I really like this track, wasn’t sure what to say about it at first, except I loved it! Right so this track, it’s a free download now but it’s also coming out on a physical release right? How’d you get hooked up with Hybridity?
Yes, the track will be released on vinyl via Hybridity in conjuction with Scion. That’ll be in early February.  Grenier, Nautiluss, and Heartbeat(s) will also be featured along with other artists. Hybridity is run by some Vancouver locals, who also run a festival called New Forms Fest, so I found out about them there.

That’s a pretty nice list of names there man. I’m excited for that. And you’ve played New Forms right?
yes it was my first official gig haha, in 2012.

Haha, and now you’re playing a lot more often I bet.
it helped out for sure.

Yeah man, and you’re from Vancouver right? There seems to be a swell of talent out there, what’s that like?
yep been here a while. there’s definitely a lot of producers getting some recognition out here. everyone seems to know each other in the scene, and we all help push each others’ tunes. a good range of genres and styles too. Rook Milo, Heartbeat(s), Bobby Draino, Kline, and Eli Muro to name a few producers.

Yeah absolutely.  and you have a label with Heartbeat(s) right? ASL?
Yeah, it’s a project run by heartbeat(s) , myself and Chef.

When’d you start it?
the idea got going in september, and the first release was in October.

That’s great man, I know we’ve featured some of the tracks on DAD.
we’ve got a number of releases lined up for 2014 too.

Any details you can share on those now?
A few, our first ep on the label will come from Sleepyhead on February 18th featuring 5 tracks.  Then EP’s from Dj Sharda and Prison Garde will follow soon after. release dates are still to be determined.

That’s awesome man, I’m excited for that.  I’ve been listening to your music for a while man and I have to say I’ve always appreciated the distinctive nature of it.  I feel like you’ve continued that with your label as well.
Thanks a lot man. just trying to keep things different.

Yeah you definitely do that.  Your newest one is definitely different as well! Reminded me some what of Aphex Twin, and somewhat of an ‘IDM’ feel to it and I appreciated the moodiness of it.  Perfect considering it’s 3AM on the east coast.  The deep sub-bass is really nice as well. icon smile Late Night Limbo With 8PRN: An IM Interview
ah glad you like it! was unsure whether it was gonna work out haha!! With the whole acid bass and vocals

Yeah, I feel like a lot of have tried that acid bass sound and it hasn’t come out right just yet.
There’s definitely a resurgence of it.

RL Grime‘s Trap On Acid is obviously a big one.
yeah that was huge

But your acid, is definitely of the deeper variety. And you’re right, acid has been making a comeback.  If a newbie is looking for acid these days, where should they look?  I feel like a lot of newer ravers would love those 303 squelches.
Been listening to a lot of L.I.E.S. records stuff, some releases feature the 303 style stuff. Some white Material releases too.  A joint release between Delroy Edwards and Funkineven has some heavy acid vibes as well.

Who do you think is making the best acid right now?
The artists on L.I.E.S. for sure. or The Trilogy Tapes – more specifically, Willie Burns’ ‘Tab of Acid’ EP.

Haha word, I’ll have to check that out.I guess that begs the obvious question, what do you listen to on acid?
I’ve never done it, but I would assume some nature sounds or whale calls.

word icon smile Late Night Limbo With 8PRN: An IM Interview
haha icon smile Late Night Limbo With 8PRN: An IM Interview

haaa icon razz Late Night Limbo With 8PRN: An IM Interview … So when’s your next release after the release of “limbo” ?  What’s exciting you most right now?
there are some details on an EP that’ll come soon. but I’ve got a collab with this guy named Atem, that I’ll be putting out there very soon.

That’s great man.
been excited about these upcoming ASL releases, White Material guys’ tunes, and makin new things.

That’s interesting as well because I know you’ve released only one collab to date right?  With Heartbeat(s)?
yes, we’ve got a couple finished tunes as well, just waiting on a proper release – blown out house type vibes

blown out house you say? do tell.
Distortion and tape hiss. in our shared studio we got a tape machine that we’ve been running things through, adding warm mids and noise.

Oh that sounds pretty dope.  Are you a more digital, in-the-box kinda guy or analog, hardware guy?
digital for sequencing and samples, with some hardware for synths and such.

nice, what hardware analog you got?
just got one of those new Volca Basses, and another mono synth. a friend of mine owns a bunch of classic gear that I try to use often too (Ms20, tr606, tr707, Dx7).

Niiiice. Did you hear about Roland bringing back the 808?
yeaaa saw the hype. wondering if it’ll be analog or digital. the companies are loving their reissues these days haha.

Haaaa yeah, that does seem to be a trend.  Although, I’d appreciate a new Technics 1200 re-issue.  The prices have skyrocketed since they got discontinued.
that would be nice, price drops are a definite benefit.

What’s your live set-up like?
at the moment it’s just a setup in Ableton with some midi controllers. Hoping to get some hardware in there soon.

That’s really dope man.  Really going for the straight up electronic music approach as opposed to the more DJ-oriented approach.  Are you using Ableton for production as well?
yep, all ableton

When did you start on ableton?
about 3 years ago, in my first year of university.

Were you producing before that?  What’s your musical background?
i hadn’t produced before, but I’d been playing drums since I was young.

Were you into electronic music before producing or did it come with that?
Been mostly into folk and indie stuff before. when I found out about james blake and burial I wanted to start producing.

Haha, pretty good place to start.  I can hear that similar ambient weightyness in your music like I can in there.  I mentioned earlier that your new track reminds me of Aphex Twin.  Have you ever been a fan of his?
yeah ‘Avril 14th‘ is a favourite.

Yeah that’s a great one!  Kanye West actually sampled that record for his own record “Blame Game” – off his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
always on his sample game. gotta listen back on that one.

Definitely man.  Kanye has always had an ear for samples.  Definitely a big part of his distinctive style. Are you a fan of Kanye?
back and forth. i cant look past his ego stuff sometimes, but I like the music.

Understandable.  A lot of people feel that way.  With that said, his last album was really electronic.  It basically was an electronic album. Did you listen Yeezus?
yes, was into it right away. the dissonance in it, is great. ‘I’m in it’ is a highlight for myself.

That’s a special one.  While that track does have a whole lot of special producers on it, two names stick out to me.  Evian Christ and Arca.  
true, I slept on Arca for too long.

Love Arca’s stuff.  That epically long release &&&&& is real awesome. Have you ever listened to Evian’s solo work?
I was real into the early Evian YouTube vids too.

As far as Evian, have you heard his new single, “Salt Carousel?”
yeah that one hits hard. lots of distorted samples

Yeah man, that one is a banger in the truest sense of the word.  Is that a direction you’d take your music?  You’ve so far had a much more chilled sound compared to something like that.  Not that one is better or worse of course icon smile Late Night Limbo With 8PRN: An IM Interview
I’ve got a track called ‘runnin’ that has a similar aim, but I feel I’ve moved away from that feel a bit. making the heavy banger stuff is fun though.  there’s a time and place for everything

Definitely man, and I appreciate you taking the time to do this with me now and speaking so candidly.  Pretty cool that I’m in NYC and you’re in Vancouver right now and we’re chatting over Facebook.  Connecting over music.
True, I’m currently walking back home right now haha. the future is now.

Haha, how much further is your walk?
5 mins or so.

haha awesome, I’ll leave you with one last question then.  Are you ready for it?
hah for what?!?


Do androids dance?
I would hope so!