A Guide to South African EDM

south african edm li A Guide to South African EDM

It may have taken outrageous Zef rappers Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord to first make the world sit up and take notice, but more and more South African music is making its way into international ears – and, as it turns out, their EDM scene is blowing up at the moment, too, particularly in Cape Town. Recent touring artists to South Africa have included Skrillex, Diplo, and Deadmau5, as well as Modeselektor, Richie Hawtin, and Hudson Mohawke. South African DJs and producers aren’t content to simply follow international trends, however – they’re also pioneering their own unique sounds and homegrown brand of cool. Cape Town local Annie Brookstone shares a few of the awesome South African EDM acts she reckons you should know about…

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  • flippingcody

    mmmm me likes

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  • vuvuadi

    Hipster music

    • Dom

      No. Music for the soul. Music that lacks the morbid monotony that modern day radio and tv want us to like.

      • vuvuadi

        I’m no fan, sorry. I’ve seen about 8 of these guys live and really respect them as artists and I acknowledge their talent but I’m just not a fan of this synthy-spacey-hipster music that seems to be taking over the Cape Town scene.

  • cjcool300

    No Die Antwoord?

    • ninja#nine

      Literally mentioned in the first line of the intro :) besides, a lot of people already know them. I’m glad someone’s trying to show the professional side of SA music that doesn’t have it’s tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek.

  • FluxTrax

    South African (and Angolan) house music is pretty much way ahead of what’s made elsewhere but no mention..

  • Nyeezus


  • ninja#nine

    This is really great. Any one of the artists mentioned here always plays to packed out halls, which shows that they’re doing something right.

    To the people posting with criticisms, the list never claims to be all encompassing. If you like something else, write your own list – not for competition, but because the world really needs to know. South African EDM has lived in the shadows for too long.

  • Elgar

    The EDM scene in South Africa is unlike any other in the world. We have got the BEST in every genre- Drum & Bass, House, Electro, Hip Hop and PSYTRANCE. Come visit any of our parties to understand just how we do things and why we have the best scene in the world.