A Collection of Accidentally Sexual Photos From the Life In Color Tour

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I can tell you the exact moment I realized these Life In Color pictures were suspect: during our look at all of the companies that SFX Entertainment has acquired. The time came to look at Dayglow, which SFX purchased then rebranded as Life In Color, “the world’s largest paint party.” What started out seven years ago as a college party that four guys put together has turned into a budding party of this new EDM industry (or EMC, as SFX would you to start referring to this thing of ours). Attendees are asked to wear white clothing, as they are set to be sprayed throughout the evening with non-toxic, super bright paint while rocking to the freshest in the dance music scene. We’ve seen people speak on a Life In Color event before and after, and they definitely seem to be some of the more downright fun events to attend.

The problem? When we check out pictures of Life In Color shows, either we’re perverts, or these pictures are pretty damn sexual… accidentally. Are the photographers that are taking shots at these events purposefully looking for these mouth-agape, straight lines of paint being aimed at the face and breasts of the females in the front row? We’re not sure. But when you take a look at these shots, you might be wondering if they’re purposefully being asked to snap these money shots.

OK, OK, we’re joking, obviously, but you can’t front: if you put on your pervert glasses, some of these shots look crazy.