The Best Cities in America for Dance Music Right Now

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Since the beginning of 2013, we've been documenting EDM's rise within the American mainstream. It's sad that it has to be referred to in that manner, seeing as major movements in the dance music scene, including the genres of house and techno, were born on American soil. The rave scene never died in America, though, as there have always been raves, festivals, and club nights that cater to the dance music realm all over the United States. And while there are pocket of dance music lovers all over this great nation, we wondered: Which cities in America were truly hotspots for dance music? From the quality of club nights in the city to overall impact on the American dance music scene, we scoured the U.S. to find which cities are really putting on for the EDM scene. Today, we present to you the best cities for dance music in America right now.

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  • Guest

    That “Nevada has replaced the “White Isle” of Ibiza as the globe’s new premier dance destination may not be greatly exaggerated . . .”

    But terribly sad. Las Vegas is the strip mall of American cities . . .

  • PK

    can someone explain how atlanta made this list over chicago?

    • Peter P. Tongkumsai

      I’m from Atlanta and I don’t know how Chicago isn’t on here but Denver is. We have at least 5 DJs performing each month in Atlanta at the nightclubs alone and 1-2 other shows at concert venues not to mention an average of 3 festivals each year. And that’s why we make the cut.

      • AxelMadden

        Cause Denver does it harder than CHICAGO these days TBH! Sorry sport, and i’m from the CHI so I can say that! Ask around son

        • theresnotechnoindenver

          I live in Denver and it is extremely mediocre. Every promoter listed on throws boring events that cater to whitewashed music that was popular on RA 3-5 years ago. The plug for Denver and Beta was just some ass-kissing to Beatport. Yawn.

          • khal

            ass-kissing to beatport? How’s that work? We get no kickbacks from Beatport or anyone.

          • AxelMadden

            fuck BETA. Your living under a rock if you think that Denver’s scene consists of Beta or beatport, thats like saying NY’s scene is Mtv

    • chicity

      chicago IS edm this is a joke like we were the only city overlooked yet had the most edm festivals this summer and have fall packed with edm shows and the culture is ridiculous out here… amazing to me that they left us out

  • J

    marquee nyc has funktion one too even though it still sucks

  • alt

    i flipped through the list, and i thought to myself, oh for sure chicago is last but not least. it never came. credibility–

  • Dumb struck

    No disrespect to whoever wrote this, but we’re you high?? In Philly you mention voyeur red sky and silk city… I can’t even recall the last time I’ve even heard of these places having any talent in there in terms of dance music. I don’t even know if they’re open anymore. Please do your research and re-write this garbage.

    • samwas

      Silk City has some serious talent come through. Do yourself a favor and go there on a friday night without even looking at a lineup. Hell go tonight.

  • Shawn Brown

    Considering the topic of Philly and big name DJs coming into town, I’m not so sure how Lit Ultrabar was left off the list. Interesting!

  • wtf?

    uhhh atlantic city???
    only saw tiesto there a few weeks ago, no biggie…

  • wtf?

    uhhh atlantic city???
    only saw tiesto there a few weeks ago, no biggie…

    • samwas

      I live in AC and the music scene is… well there isn’t much of one at all here…. Unless you think casino clubs with extremely overpriced drinks, shitty DJs playing recycled commercial beats to tourists and drunk assholes looking to get laid, an occasional international sell out of a DJ, and the occasional Bassnectar show at house of blues, etc etc. as a music scene… I am a resident DJ in seriously the only place on the island that is attempting to provide a scene. I spend most my nights in Philly where people actually get it (for the most part).

  • Dj SlimMaybe

    Ha!!!! LAS VEGAS!??? And No Chicago?…well lets see…Chicago brings in the MOST music festivals and Las Vegas gives residencies and guest spots to…..Pauly D and Paris Hilton…the two biggest jokes on the planet.

  • Robert

    +1 point for detroit
    -1 point for no Austin
    -100 points for no Chicago.

    Basically, they just picked the big entertainment capitals in the US, added some of the cities near the large festivals, and called it a day. I lived in Philadelphia for 3 years for college (minus transferring into my freshman year and study abroad) and went to a college in Chicago before that. Philly has cool joints like Mad Decent Mondays, and I worked at a concert venue through my time there, but it doesn’t light a match next to Chicago’s scene

  • Lana

    I’m a bit confused as to how Atlanta made it and Dallas didn’t.

    • genome

      One word: Tomorrowworld!