America’s Greatest Contributions to Dance Music

american flag li Americas Greatest Contributions to Dance Music

We're living in interesting times, fellow Americans. Assumptions are running wild that our nation just got put on to EDM. When people think of "EDM" today, they think of gross commercialization of foreign sounds. These same people ignore a rich history. In celebration of our Independence Day, we're here to ask you: Without America, would electronic dance music as we know it even exist  We appreciate the advancements that people in the UK and throughout Europe have provided; some of our favorite sounds are born in countries across the Atlantic ocean. But to deny that America hasn't contributed great things to the scene isn't silly... it's flat out wrong. DAD doesn't get patriotic and puff out our chests about America's additions to dance music canon often, but on the eve of the celebration of our nation's independence, we'll happily throw on the colors and celebrate what America's given to the dance music scene as a whole.

Take a ride through history and check out America's Greatest Contributions to Dance Music.

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  • John Disgraceland Stanhope

    The connection to DnB, through artists such as D:Bridge seems to be the driving force here in the UK – similarities can be drawn to the Trap / Dubstep link that we saw last year.

    What bodes well, IMO, for Footwork is that the connection is with a scene that has more artistic credibility than Dubstep. Sure Dubstep has a big following, but the heads have moved on long ago – It’s about cash now really.

    Whereas DnB is still about pushing boundaries, production excellence and the old fashioned love of well crafted, intelligent beats. Granted there is the side of it that, sonically, has a lot in common with the mid bass sound that dubstep is associated with now, but the DnB Footwork mix is growing roots – getting those foundations laid – with those that really know what is what.

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