The Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

albums 2014 li The Most Anticipated Albums of 2014
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As the music industry evolves, it's amazing to see that even though sales of music seem to fluctuate, and move towards more of a singles-driven market (which the dance music scene has always been built on), artists still want to knock out albums. It's one of the areas where they are truly allowed to represent themselves, bringing forth all of their knowledge of sound and crafting a statement. That alone speaks to the importance of an album, no matter what the industry is actually making money on. Producers want to provide that sole piece to be remembered by, and much of our excitement stems from these releases. Heading into 2014, a number of electronic music artists are gearing up for album releases, and we wanted to make sure we rounded up the projects we are definitively aware of, regardless of how much info is out there. Here are the most anticipated albums of 2014.

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  • DJ Hanzel

    Why is SBTRK not on this list?

  • arbiter

    No FEADZ or Oizo?

  • RKB

    did you just pick a bunch of artists that you like and that you’ll hope they’ll put albums out in 2014? what is this list?

    • khal

      No. Everyone on this list has made mention of putting out an album in the near future, most of them in 2014. “What is this list” is exactly what it says on the tin: the most anticipated albums of 2014.

  • bobby cmr

    Broken Bells 2/4! “Holding On For Life”: