Artists to Listen to If You Hate Avicii

avicii hate li Artists to Listen to If You Hate Avicii
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Like it or not, Avicii is running things right now. He's killing it on Billboard, with his True making actual history for EDM acts. He's a beast when it comes to marketing himself, aligning with a number of brands and further lining his pockets. He makes the kind of EDM that people who had EDM cringe at, and if you're new to dance music and detest Avicii's sound, you might end up writing off an entire scene without doing much digging. While DAD respects Avicii's work, and hold a number of his productions in high regard, we definitely understand if you dislike his material. In light of that, we felt the need to give you, the Avicii-hating consumer, some viable options in terms of the electro house/EDM sound. Some are names you should be familiar with, others are ones you might need to get to know. Don't abandon the EDM scene just because you don't rock with Avicii - try some of these options out!

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  • chuck white

    there’s a guy tours with niglio called sound remedy. im just saying.

  • chuck white

    i’d put sound remedy on any list i put zedd on. plus, the 501 remix or shave it up sort of saw an unknown turn zedd’s hit into something bigger than i anticipated it could be. if he is going to spearhead a mainstream electronic movement of his own he needs a better single than his mediocre effort with an artist unknown to deadmau5 and the rest of edm. thanx for giving this dude sound remedy some credit. maybe his advertising and marketing is the one to thank. idc. feed me i think deserves some mention as well as wolfgang. monsta made a very good song with ellie goulding. i guess we’re shying away from the brostep craze. i like what the knocks are doing. madeon should be “the” alternative to avicii and therefore should be on this list. hands down number one alternative beneath avicii right now.

    • chuck white

      i do understand why showcased artists that are from opposite spectrums. i do understand your motive on many levels.

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  • brostep

    holy shit was not expecting machinedrum to be on this list. mad props for that

  • habbababba

    Martin Garrix? LOL same mainroom bullshit


    wow BILLBOARD, woah. lookout. So I guess if you’re on the charts, you make good music huh? even if it’s total shit, if you’re on the charts you must be good apparently. FUCK THIS POP MUSIC BULLSHIT. FUCK EDM

  • Shinra Fenr

    The Chainsmokers