Beamz Offends the Entire Hip-Hop Community in One Move

If you’re thinking of getting into marketing, let me help you avoid looking like a complete asshole. Watch everything that Beamz has done, and don’t do that. They are pushing cringe-worthy gimmicky product as if any touring DJ would actually use it. They used rapper Flo Rida as the face of a product that has very little to do with rap. And now, they’ve disrespected the entire hip-hop community.

Perhaps seeing their initial response and feeling some pressure to try something else, Beamz found a new face for their campaign. I’m scratching my head at “Grandmaster Jay,” and wondering who exactly Beemz thinks this is. His name is oddly similar to Jam Master Jay, and could certainly be mistaken for the fallen legend to people that have no idea about the market they’re getting into, or that that Run DMC‘s DJ passed away over a decade ago.  But a bit of poking around proves Grandmaster Jay to be, well, a nobody.

But this one was pretty obvious. Grandmaster Jay isn’t a pioneer of anything. Jazzy Jeff has spoken out in protest, as did Grandmaster Flash, who spoke out about claims that Jay came up with Flash. All credits that Grandmaster Jay claimed to have were removed from Wikipedia today. And we have no idea how anyone could sign a check to put this man in front of a camera to endorse a product meant to change our culture.

The deeper concern here is when people that have no clue about the history or culture of the music that they’re covering are being paid to cover it. We send jabs at websites for their misinformed articles, and laugh at their complete lack of education, but each shot speaks volumes. People are getting paid and attempting to make a living on the back of a culture that they know nothing about, and it’s infuriating to those of us that know better.

Beamz, stop it. People aren’t hating on your product because it’s too future for them to comprehend. It’s a shit product. They aren’t lashing out because turntables are how real DJs play songs. It’s absolutely fine to use controllers or CDJs. They are hating because you stepped your foot in this market and made a mockery of it. And I applaud the backlash across the board. We just wish the company would have gone away when Deadmau5 ran over their product.

Ed. Note: Beamz took down the video from up above, but it’s been re-upped:

  • Christian Bradshaw

    This is just fucking weird, like, it’s in my gut weird.

  • John Disgraceland Stanhope

    hahahah. These chancers still here then?

  • testsqf
  • DavidGilling

    This has got to be some kind of lame joke..

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    If you want the full details go to my FB. Im the one who started all this, not boasting about It but this began 8 days ago when I aired this clown out. He kept talking so I contacted. Jazzy Jeff, Flash, Red Alert, and more. Dude thought he would school me but now the world knows.

    -DJ TeeOh

    • Mantiis Repstyles

      The Infomercial is even worse. Saw it like 5 times waiting at the barbershop.

    • BurnHard

      Hahaha yeah when they posted this online I tweeted Jeff too. Lol I was like Yo that’s JJ’s routine! The guys is just pantomiming in the air lol.

  • keepit100percenttruth

    I hope he gets run over by a truck, dies and someone videotapes it. it goes viral and someone makes money off of the tape.

  • DJBuddyLove
  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    WOW…that was lame.. 100YEARSOFWEALTH . COM

  • Emanuele Zangirolami

    what the hell you’re doing.

  • DJ Mixtron

    I just saw this Grandmaster Jay in Cleveland and began researching him
    all the drama he stirred up this past November. I’ve read a ton of
    negative and positive stuff about this dude that has come out in the
    last two months and I must say that he has gotten more publicity than
    any other dj I have ever seen. The Beamz demo he gave was actually
    pretty solid with the turntables and Serato together. But it seemed more
    people were interested in him rather than the gear. I saw the latest
    videos and read the interview he gave to some magazine and now it all
    makes sense to me. This was an Old School dude that got back in the game and did it by hook or crook

    I don’t jump on bandwagons without doing my research and
    I’m not biggin this guy up for how he did it but see for yourself. A
    lot of us are just hearing the name Grandmaster Jay outside of the
    hardcore dj world. Watch this video is at… and the magazine interview is at
    Is this guy the next Paris Hilton level Celeb DJ??