The Best DJs of 2013

DAD best djs 2013 The Best DJs of 2013
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Over the summer, people got really aggy over our selections for the best DJs of 2013 at that time. The main point of contention had to do with the fact that they assumed it was skills over everything. If that's what made a DJ "the best" in 2013, we'd see a total shift of who's truly on the forefront. In times where the CEO of Beatport admits to not even caring how the music is played, just that what's coming through the speakers pleases him, that makes our jobs harder. Are we strictly looking at skills, or doing what we've always done on DAD and considering the sum of each selector's parts? Matching two beats is easy, yet vital, but isn't what makes a DJ "the best." We're looking at the movements these artists have made in the year: do they run a record label? Are they making moves outside of the EDM scene? Did they have a particularly prolific year in a number of different lanes? The onus is on DAD to gather all of that, and take a hard look at who truly stood heads above the rest in their respective fields. At times it isn't pretty, but if you're a realist, you can't deny it. Here are the best of 2013.

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  • Blue

    where is Afrojack?

    • Jimmy (not my name)


  • Michael Di Gennaro

    hudmo? or his he just considered a producer now

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      hudmo isn’t a great DJ by any means.

  • Gtew

    the most overrated dance music of 2013, american perspective.

  • eatMYbeat

    @Gtew – couldn’t have said it better myself. this list is so whack and only reflects the shitty dance music that Murricans seem to be in love with. I’ve got to give props for including Oneman on the list but where is Eats Everything, Maya Jane Coles, Catz N Dogz, Tale of Us….just to name a few. Such a poor list – I expected a lot more from DAD

    • khal

      out of everyone you mentioned, the only one I’d consider to have had as good of a year both DJing and as a producer was Maya Jane Coles, but still don’t think she’d be in the top 15 for what we were looking for.

      • eatMYbeat

        You can’t be serious? I’m not even talking about DJs with the most skills behind the decks, just a few that made serious waves this year. Just as an example, Eats Everything had arguably a better year both DJing and as a producer than most people on the list.
        From your list, it seems what you are looking for are the DJs that were most commercially successful in the State during 2013 with one or two more ‘underground’ names thrown in so it seems credible. Your top 5 DJs of 2013 being Zedd, Skrillex, Diplo, Avicii and Baueer proves this. Even the DJ Mag Top 100 was slightly more accurate and that was a pile of shit. Just saying.

        • khal

          If this list was about “most commercially successful in the State during 2013,” the list would look much different, and you know that.

          And there’s no way that, while we love them, Catz N Dogz or Tale of Us made more waves that anyone on this list.

  • beatjunkie

    Tiesto? lol. If the only justification for putting someone on the list is they got a Vegas residency let’s just call this what it is…a popularity contest. smh

  • The Colonel


  • jay

    Zeds dead > zedd

  • sammm

    C’mon no Kaskade? He is running the game right now. At least Eric Prydz!

  • Zesti

    Yellow claw??

  • Travis


  • Candice303

    What about Photek or Z-trip? Z-trip killed it on the grammys, and his bob marley remix is one for the books.

  • Kevin Barker – Herod

    So Calvin Harris does not deserve a higher spot….

    • khal

      If he’d done more in 2013 than living off of his 2012, maybe.

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