The Best Albums of 2013

CS BNM cover The Best Albums of 2013
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Chase & Status - Brand New Machine

Release Date: October 7, 2013
Label: Virgin EMI

Chase & Status have been on an epic journey, one that few of their drum & bass class have embarked on. It's not hard to understand why; most drum & bass producers don't know how to rock outside of their lane while retaining what's "them." Chase & Status have grown from the top of Ram's class to something bigger; they know how to properly channel their influences while still expressing themselves musically. With Brand New Machine, we were treated to the sound of the early '90s rave scene, as well as dips and dives into the grittier side of bass music, from the thunderous trap of the Pusha T-featured "Machine Gun" to the apocalyptic sounds on "Gun Metal Grey." Features from Nile Rodgers and Major Lazer helped broaden the sounds of the duo, but it's when they stick to what they do best (being British), their true talent shines.

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    Where is Major Lazer?

  • Lujxio

    I like this list actually good albums, surprising it’s not a list of pop EDM tracks

  • Gabriel Ariza

    No pretty lights A Color Map of the Sun? It got a Grammy nomination!

  • Martin Boev

    what a shit list.

    • Jake

      Just curious, what’s on your list?

      • Martin Boev

        Just going to name the artists: Holden, Baths, Darkside, Jon Hopkins, Sango, Mndsgn, Om Unit just to name a few. I do agree with some of the things, just many others were missed out for me at least. Opinionz tho.

        • Jake

          Then why not lead with that instead of summarily saying “what a shit list” – I happen to like a bunch of the names on the list you mentioned actually. On top of that, this list isn’t only one person’s collective choices, but a group of choices that attempts to represent some of the staff’s collective ‘bests’ of the year

          • Martin Boev

            alright man. ok

  • RKB

    this is a terrible list. that AlunaGeorge album is not ‘edm’.

    • Jake

      Well it is electroinc dance music….

  • Brent Thurman

    rene lavice well deserved .. can’t speak on the rest, but its cool to see REAL drum & bass getting props in this EDM world. #Boh

  • foberly

    Where is Sango’s North?

  • Miklós Mándoki

    ummmm, hello, Zeitgeist anyone? Camo&Krooked?

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