The 20 Best Female Producers Right Now

tokimonsta li The 20 Best Female Producers Right Now

We're aware that most dance music talk tends to turn into sausage party fests. There's definitely a larger list of males behind DJ booths and on the turntables, but that shouldn't mean that the women don't get their due. From electric house bangers to deep, atmospheric dub, today's EDM scene has a strong female presence that shouldn't be ignored. We've already highlighted the most important women in the scene today, and showcased the most powerful women behind the scenes. Now let's look at the best female producers in the game.

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  • Ian

    You guys forgot Sirah! Great rapper and worth including!

    • ahegao

      nigga what

  • Tyler

    Also Audrey Napoleon and Anna Yvette

  • Wayne73

    No Georgia Anne Muldrow?

  • twinnch

    hmmm a good one is Claudia Cazacu on trance,but maybe it`s not in top 20 NOW,also maya jane coles …oh se is first when i was righting i was somewhere at magda :))) still searchng maya <3

  • Lily

    Needs more Unsub =P Illesha is a BOSS though

  • Plum Tunes

    Brilliant to see more female producers getting attention! We want more!

  • duchess

    nailed it especially miss kitten…. i learned that song before i heard it singing it with a waiter in a restaurant we worked in …. sniffing in the vip area we talk about frank sinatra…. when i finally heard the actual song played years later i realized my friend was quite hip to who was hip and in turn i inherited his music tastes… he was a good mentor you forgot peaches though