The Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)

dj select music li The Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)
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While dance music hasn't had as huge of an impact on the Billboard charts as they did last year, that's not to say that quality dance music isn't always coming out. Hell, our inboxes stay flooded with material of all shapes and sizes. And while our daily operation revolves around dissecting what's hot and what's lukewarm, we personally love this time of year. These tracks are what have been moving us throughout the first half of 2014. Whether being dropped on the regular in DJ sets or staying stuck in our iTunes playlists for at-home jamming, these are the best tracks to be released in 2014, so far.

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  • Mitch

    So this is just blatantly the “25 best songs excluding any tracks that are house/techno/non bass?” How was this written in good conscience?

    • Matt

      You do know which blog you’re reading, right? ’25 best tracks that will appeal to our readers’ seems on point.

    • The Colonel

      DAD’s writers gotta post about about Steve Aoki and other shitbirds to pay the bills, but this list reminds us they actually have great taste.

      Is it just me, or do half of these tracks (813, Nadus, Lido, Wave Racer) sound like Rustie knockoffs? I love that sound, but it’s hella one note right now.

    • gesoflip

      There’s always Beatport and DJMag if you want your circlejerk of generic, overhyped producers.

  • Carter

    Totally inspired by my ‘Best of Trap 2014 [So Far]‘ that dropped last week.

  • Bill

    how has Lido – Money got ‘Bits of house’ in it… in any way… moronic.

    • Lujxio

      one House is basically the father of most genres in dance music, and the breakdown around 2.05 is juke inspired which is house inspired

  • Yung Mewtwo

    Great selection of tracks, and well written too. Love how you guys actually post tracks and artists you believe in.

  • Simon

    You Guys need to look up Kodak to graph