We Didn’t Know So Many Baltimore Club Remixes of “Chappelle’s Show” Sketches Existed

rick james li We Didnt Know So Many Baltimore Club Remixes of Chappelles Show Sketches Existed

Over the weekend, we caught wind that Dave Chappelle was holding a charity basketball event at the Target Center, and while Prince did not make it to the event, Chappelle did give away free pancakes, harkening back to a classic Chappelle's Show bit where Prince played Charlie Murphy in basketball, then served pancakes. It's a pretty small story, but one that had many of us Chappelle's Show fans smiling. If there's one show that's sorely missed in today's TV landscape, its Chappelle's Show. We spent part of our weekend checking out YouTube, digging deep into some of our favorite sketches and moments, and we realized something: there were a LOT of Baltimore club remixes of Chappelle's Show sketches.

It makes sense, as most Bmore club DJs and remixers made great use of quick snippets of audio, which makes a Bmore beat for Chappelle soundbytes a perfect, hilarious, ratchet marriage. Some were more obvious (how can you NOT turn Chappelle-as-Rick James' "fuck yo couch" into a club bannger), while others were a bit more obscure. And while not all of these are gems, we had to share the wealth of a random YouTube search with you, especially since the "club" sound seems to be wanting to take off in today's EDM scene. Enjoy.

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    a few thoughts.. 1. These are all pretty damn funny. 2. Chappelle’s Show and “Half Baked” are the most oft-verbally-quoted pieces ov pop culture in the lexicon ov people I associate with (next to maybe the movie “Friday”), and seemingly with many many other people as well. 3. I’ve seen so many shows (mostly on Comedy Central) that seem to borrow heavily from Chappelle’s formula for a show (that Nick Swardson show comes to mind), but they all have much better production values. Like they just couldn’t give Dave any dough to have a snazzy lookin’ show, but once they figured out his format was a winner, they breaded out everyone else (i.e. all them white folks). I should say that I could be under this impression because I don’t watch very many tv shows, and the ones I gravitate to are probably because ov this very fact.