DAD Mix 020: Kuantum


Dubstep’s in an awesome space right now. Don’t get DAD wrong; it’s definitely not as popular as it once was, but that’s the beauty of it. Dubstep could truly go wherever it wants to go. EDM isn’t bound to being “that dubstep sound,” so producers like France’s Kuantum can really open the door and bring us some deeper, moodier rhythms without feeling like he’s not doing enough. We tend to ride out sounds until they’re worn like an acetate pressing of an anthem, so this time to reflect, rediscover, and rebuild is long overdue. With his Wasteland EP in stores now, we know the genre is in good hands, and if you don’t believe us, just check this 25-minute bass-driven journey that he took DAD on. If bass is the place, you won’t be disappointed.

Keep up with Kuantum via: SoundCloud | Twitter