These Dads Might Be Bigger EDM Fans Than Their Kids

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What drives a dad to get into EDM? Is it some mid-life crisis shit? Are they fans of techno and house from back in the day? Do they really just like jamming to huge basslines and repetitive beats? Who knows. Whatever the case is, there’s definitely a demographic of dads who are digging EDM much more than the kids they’ve brought into this world. We have a feeling that for every dad who is imploring their kids to “turn off that robot music,” there are a few @edmdad-like parents out there ready to trade kandi and turn up. And while we’re hoping that these dads are on that Small Town Ecstasy shit, we always love seeing how kids react to their father’s love of EDM. To all of the fathers out there, DAD salutes you on this Father’s Day. Turn up as loud as you want, pop. You deserve it.

Bonus: Words from a few of our favorite DJs who are also fathers:

Fourcolorzack: “Dadlife is rad, it gives me someone to bounce demos off of and teach me the new technologies. Her favorite songs are DJ Assault – Ass & Titties and FCZ – Rude, I’m so proud! Also her instagram (@cutieandthebeast) is way more popular than mine :/

DJ Ayers: “Today I picked up my 3-year-old from preschool and she told me “When you grow up you can be garbage! And I will be the garbage man and pick you up.” I’ll be dat.

  • DJ Todd G

    I love that my kids are just figuring out that I was going to raves and DJing long before they were even thought of….nothing better than being able to teach them about the origins of “EDM” before it turned into what is today…happy father’s day to all that have this music encoded into our DNA

  • The Colonel

    This is sort of an American thing, the “olds” into dance music, yes? Seems that when I’m in London or other places in Europe, crowds can easily skew towards older without any controversy. Shit, many of the popular Euro DJs are olds themselves.

    • DJ Todd G

      Yeah…there is definitely an older crowd in Canada which is where I am from, but as we all know there is a huge difference between today’s EDM crowds and the scene from back in the day which a lot of today’s scene doesn’t seem to get

      • The Colonel

        It’s been said before, but the difference is the demise of club culture. At WMC this year too many clubs were half-empty–now everyone’s focus is on Ultra.