Things We Hope Are on the Deluxe Edition of Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”

daft punk ram liner li Things We Hope Are on the Deluxe Edition of Daft Punks Random Access Memories
Image via Discogs / Columbia/Sony Music

If you believe the tweet of a New York Comic Conner, Daft Punk's releasing a deluxe edition of Random Access Memories at the end of 2013. Given that they've barely dropped a full second single from the album, it's an issue that leaves us perplexed - and given the way Daft Punk has disseminated information in 2013 surrounding this project, we're not surprised. That said, with this project apparently due out on December 31, we figured we'd get our list together in hopes that someone (Santa Claus? A Columbia Records rep?) hears our prayers/wishes and grants us some of these Random Access Wishes. Here is a short list of things that we'd love to see incorporated in the deluxe edition of Random Access Memories.

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  • The Colonel

    Here’s some other things:

    (1) A reworked track selection. My biggest gripe with the LP remains the tracking, with its leaden, morose front half finally giving up to some jams on the back. If only they’d reshuffle to a friendlier listen, I’d listen a lot more than I have (and no, I cannot figure out how to force Itunes to do this for me lol)

    (2) “Classic” Daft Punk remixes: fuck that wack ass Get Lucky refix. Sample .3 seconds of P’s vocal and turn it into a chopped up house banger that lasts for 8 minutes.

    (3) More fucking Nile!! Just have dude play guitar over every track, it’s the best thing about RAM, tbh.

    • khal

      what’d be your reworked tracklisting?

      • The Colonel

        The big beef is the game of love and within–Give Life and Moroder have energy, but game of love and within, especially within, bring the album to near standstill. It isn’t until the second half of Instant Crush that things really pick up and stay up. I always think of those people in the desert in Australia for the launch, shuffling their feet and dying for something to happen . . .

        The other problem is spacing out the Neil tracks, which really are the core EP of funky goodness and just shine brighter than much of the remainder. I guess I’d ape discovery more and go Get Lucky, Beyond, Fragments, Touch, Lose Yourself, Game of love, Doin it, Moroder, contact and drop the rest lol