The Hardstyle Family Took deadmau5 to Task After He Tried to Produce a Hardstyle Track

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Earlier today, deadmau5 pulled no punches when he went at Wildstylez for what he said was Wildstylez jacking “Some Chords” for his song “Straightforward.” Before hitting his website to go on a live stream, deadmau5 left the following tweet:

Uh oh. So off to he went… and ended up not being able to master the signature hardstyle kicks:


If you roll in that exercise, plus the other tweets that deadmau5 lobbed at hardstyle favorite Wildstylez and sort of lobbed at the hardstyle scene, you end up with a bunch of angered hardstyle fans. These things happen. As you can see up above, fans and foes alike had their words for deadmau5, so much so that he ended up having to leave the following Facebook post:

And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe instead of throwing shots at the hardstyle scene, he should’ve just kept things about his disgust over Wildstylez and not gone in on that sound. DAD’s all about producers standing for what they believe in, especially when it comes to their intellectual property and the perceived infringements on it, but maybe going in on the “hardstyle family” was a bit much. Unless, of course, deadmau5 a) DGAFOS or b) meant it when he went at them. Fair play to him if that’s the case.

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  • qAke

    Afrojack ans Swedish House Mafia are hardstyle? for the longest time I thought they were house

    • Khairuddin Bin Ali

      He meant Afrojack and Swedish House Mafia are mad at hardstyle artists. Took me a while to figure that one out

    • Kyle McComb

      They’re house. XD I took it as another joke to piss off the hardstyle fanbase, because SWM/Afrojack are very obviously not hardstyle producers…

      • dude2000

        Afrojack and Swedish house mafia area not house in any regard. They are edm or pop house or whatever. Real house is different.

        • khal

          aka “afrojack and swedish house mafia are house music, just not the house that i like”

          lol @ ‘pop house’

        • Kyle McComb

          Obviously not, it’s not like SWM has “house” in their name or anything… (rolls eyes) I don’t feel like debating genres right now. Their music is electronic, 120-130 BPM, with a four-on-the-floor kick. It’s house. Yes, they have pop hits, but it’s house.

        • MC no fucks given

          What is Big Room House?

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  • MC no fucks given

    “Deadmau5 proved that hardstyle is really the hardest genre to make”
    People is so ignorant these days

    • Robert

      lol “People is so ignorant”

  • Robert

    What the heck is Hardstyle???

    • l337styl3z

      Hardstyle (noun)


      • Odin

        ahahahaha more like
        (Hardstyle fan)