Diplo’s Most Surprising Production Credits

diplo usher sticker li Diplos Most Surprising Production Credits

While we know that his DJ sets and label(s) don't stick to one set sound or formula, it's always been weird when we hear about the different collaborations and producer credits that Diplo has amassed over the years. He's never been one to stay within a particular genre as a producer, but the various artists, from the biggest in the mainstream to some of the most underground random producers have knocked on Diplo's studio door for some heat. The best part about this that not only do these collaborations usually come out fresh, but they each one ends up setting the bar higher for Diplo, allowing him to get an even bigger collaboration the next time out. Take a look at Diplo's most suprising collaborations.

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  • mao

    what about his k-pop song?

  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    Buster’s flow is better than 75% of fools who try to rhyme on house. It’s hard to not come off sounding like Technotronic lol

  • Ray Charles

    How is borgore and diplo a surprise? Just because diplo has caught a buzz doesn’t mean he’s better than them or anything. He came from the bottom too.

    • khal

      who said anything about one being better than the other? the surprise is more of the fact that Diplo wasn’t as known for his dubstep, and he made a track with a guy who was making his mark in the dubstep scene. do you remember when that song came out? how was that NOT a surprise?

  • marcus

    what a dumb list… he is a dj… don’t know why it would be surprising for him to work with tiesto or borgore… and he also cut his teeth making more rap influenced stuff… so don’t know why it would be surprising that he worked on look at me now or climax. classic case of complex needing to fill their quota for unnecessary slideshows that create ad revenue, thus creating something that has no insight/value whatsoever. keep up the great work!

    • khal

      “he is a dj” doesn’t really explain your argument. there are some DJs like Armin van Buuren or Bailey or spin mostly one style; if they went on to start producing in a totally different sound, it’d be a surprise.

      and “he made rap-influenced stuff” isn’t the point… but Diplo and Afrojack producing a track – together – that had Chris Brown rapping as fast as Busta Rhymes has? that’s not surprising? and then two years later creating something as beautiful as Usher’s “Climax?” at the end of the day, the surprise is how well Diplo moves within each genre, and the different artists he’s worked with… especially at a time when he’s championing the underdog. or were you too busy being negative to look at what was actually being said?

      thanks for reading, though. greatly appreciate it!

  • Groove McDuck

    this list is rly stupid. missing a lot of gems and c’mon was originally just diplo and tiesto so it’s kinda silly to put on this list.

    missed this one from like 2003 or something

    • khal

      is it about “missing gems” or the reasoning behind each choice? and that “2003 or something” track doesn’t surprise me more than the meeting of tiesto, diplo and busta rhymes.


    OH WOW, DAD is too cool for Bieber. That song happens to be a total ecstatic rush ov pop perfection, you don’t have to pretend that you don’t like JB just to save cool points. Admit it. You’re all Beliebers.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      LOL i have no problem admitting when i like any song, be it a Bieber one, an Avicii one, or whatever. can’t say i like this one, though. if i gave a shit about cool points i’d operate a totally different site…

  • k

    “DJ Fresh vs. Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique – “Earthquake”” – is TRAP?!?!?! I thought you people were supposed to be knowledgeable about electronic music. Just because something has 808′s doesn’t make it TRAP. Really bad list.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      You don’t consider “Earthquake” a trap track? Why not?

      And don’t answer with “just b/c 808s” – hell there’s drum & bass with 808s and I’d never consider those tracks trap. “Earthquake” has a bounce that’s found in trap music.