Essential Tools for Every EDM Nerd

nerd laptop li Essential Tools for Every EDM Nerd

These days being a fan (or a nerd) of electronic music is easier then ever. Not only do you have us androids here doing our part, but a plethora of other tools available to you that make finding the hottest beats and the deepest cuts as easy as just a click. Knowing where to click can be a whole other story. Whether you want to get the name of that ID Hardwell dropped at TomorrowLand, want to find a great little local UK club, or even just actually know what the hell "hard house" actually is (hint: it's not the same as big room). Relax and take note: here are some essential tools for every EDM nerd.

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  • Lujxio

    Ishkur’s guide is pretty outdated

    • Jake

      ” Although this website is dated in every regard, it’s still far from obsolete. “

  • Lunar

    Well would you look at that. The screenshot for 1001tracklists has a tracklist i created on it. I feel so famous lol

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