Five Moments in History, Improved by Dance Music

vintage dj Five Moments in History, Improved by Dance Music

The funniest part about the current EDM wave many are riding is the fact that it's not new. Depending on who you ask, electronic dance music has roots in a number of different decades, in many different forms. And if the "Harlem Shake" video craze has taught us anything, it's that dance music is both universal and puts smiles on peoples faces... which got us thinking: What if EDM existed in during the Prohibition Era? Or in the Wild West? Or in the Roman Empire? Hmm...

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  • Storm Evans

    The roaring 20s and the birth of jazz.. That was dance music. Its pretty much the same as today, different circumstances though, different technology, different things illegal. None of what I just wrote really makes sense to me anymore, but my point is that this article is too silly for me.