Five Tracks: dBerrie

dberrie five tracks Five Tracks: dBerrie
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You should already know about dBerrie. It could be from his residencies at Pacha in New York, LIV, Glow, or Revel. Or his official remixes of Chris Brown, Gotye, Danny Avila, or Lenny Kravitz. Or possibly from his releases on Ultra or Flamningo. He's spent the last five-plus years putting his stamp on the dance music scene, representing New York the entire time.

What you may not know is when asked to sort out Five Tracks, dBerrie made sure to have a food-theme running through his selections. Could be an obvious song title or another, more esoteric association... whatever the case may have been, he provided a really interesting look into the influences that broaden our horizons. Check out dBerrie's Five Tracks.

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