Five Tracks: DJ Cable

five tracks dj cable Five Tracks: DJ Cable
Image via The Come Up at The Wellington on Facebook

Not only is DJ Cable one of the most skilled DJs that I know, but we also share an appreciation for a large number of tracks. We first linked up when the thugstep scene was growing years back, and we've kept in touch, sharing the best in dubstep, hip-hop, grime, trap, footwork, and juke over the years. The one genre that I was glad he was a fan of was drum & bass, especially the older jungle styles, and when I asked if he'd be down for a Five Tracks, he hit me with a list of tunes from the Full Cycle/V Recordings camp, which features producers like Roni Size and DJ Krust. You can't sum up that scene in five tunes, but he picked some scorchers, and I applied some words to them. Take a trip back.

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