Five Tracks: Elektro Guzzi

ElektroGuzziFiveTracks Five Tracks: Elektro Guzzi
Image via Elektro Guzzi

One of the next ventures in this electronic music scene is the true influx of live instrumentation. We've seen producers bringing their 808s and MPCs to the party, while acts like Disclosure have found ways to trigger their electronic sounds in interesting ways. Elektro Guzzi has been going strong since the release of their debut album in 2010, and they are making it their aim to blow away what you thought live techno music could sound like (and how its made). Their third album, Observatory, was released on May 30 via Macro (although some spots are dropping it next week), and today we let the Elektro Guzzi trio break down Five Tracks that have been instrumental (pun intended) in influencing their sound.

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