Five Tracks: Kuantum

five tracks kuantum Five Tracks: Kuantum

Most think that France is only known for its house music, but there seems to be a bustling dubstep and bass music scene coming forth. We first thought it was just Von D, but we recently got wind of Kuantum, who blew us away with his Wasteland EP on IM:Ltd. There's not much known about him, aside from him crafting some truly inspiring bass-fueled cuts, but just looking at what's inspired him, we're intrigued.

For his Five Tracks, we got to see that dubstep producers don't need to only be influenced by other dubstep producers or tracks. As a matter of fact, we'd rather you have a varied palette  No need to clone what you like in the scene you work in; be you, and let your light shine through.

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