10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gina Turner

gina turner li 10 Things You Didnt Know About Gina Turner
Image via Gina Turner on Facebook

What do we know about Gina Turner? She's a dope-ass DJ, knocking out the best in a grip of house styles, especially the throwback bits that she slides into her sets. She's a vocalist as well as a producer, particularly known for her tech house. She's also married to Laidback Luke, and is expecting a child. Until the other day, we had no idea that Gina had an EP, Shake/Oscillator, out this week on Ones To Watch (which is a division of MixMash). It highlights both her harder sound, and her more minimal tastes, but overall, it BANGS. She's out on Holy Ship!!! right now, but before she set sail, she hit us with a grip of other things that we didn't know. Or maybe you didn't know. Either way, find out more about one of dance music's finest exports, in her own words.

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  • Derew

    she’s one of the many competent female djs out there.

    but not all of them are married a popular producer/dj…. so they can jump to spotlight so easily.

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  • syringa

    You go, girl! I’m about 30 weeks and not easy / definitely a lot of pressure. Don’t know how you do it since you’re so known to the public eye! Just make sure you’re staying calm and relaxing while you’re not working to minimize all the stress you can :)