Hidden Gems

Image via astrogallery.com

Weekends were made for snoozing… and catching up on the shit going down this past week. We know how it is; an inbox can get swarmed with all kinds of information, and while there are obvious tunes that you need to grab now (read: right now), there are others you put into a pile that you wait on. We love that pile. DAD revels in the idea of an artist who’s out there killing it in the shadows. Or when a banger from someone everyone knows goes unnoticed for some reason. It’s part of the reason we do this. I’m looking at this Hidden Gems thing differently; it’d be easy to just use this as a “we didn’t get a chance to write it up so go in” feature. No. I want this to specifically be about tunes that got hidden throughout that week’s insanity. If it is dope and is under-heard (is that a term?), it’s here. Here are your Hidden Gems.