Rappers That Could Win With Hucci Production

hucci live li Rappers That Could Win With Hucci Production
Image via Vera Koval on Facebook

Hucci is that dude, plain and simple. With two EPs under his belt (including the recently-released Rose Gold), a series of guest mixes for MistaJam's Daily Dose, and a stack of remixes for UK artists. With Paul Devro saying that they'd been trying to sign Hucci to Mad Decent for about a year, it has DAD wondering: what if Hucci tried popping as a producer for a rapper? His sound fits perfectly for MCs trying to get their bass on, but he'd also need the right MC. No diss on more underground rhymers, but Hucci definitely needs a "name" rapper to get his shine on. We've cut out the middleman and come up with some rhymers that could benefit from the Hucci connection just as greatly as Hucci could shine alongside their name.

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  • dggdg

    Big Sean & 2 Chainz would be good. Plus i think he got his “Good” sample from Big Sean so it’d really come full circle. Kendrick on a Hucci banger could come out crazy too

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      LOL @ Hucci and Big Sean. Great connection.

  • murg

    Hucci looks like Smalls from the sandlot

  • Sam

    Eh… huccis beats are kind of basic

    • dub

      but stupidly popular, hve u noticed that a simpler beat is more catchy and bassier