Irish Drum & Bass Producers That Aren’t Named Calibre

calibre 2013 beta photographie Irish Drum & Bass Producers That Arent Named Calibre
Image via Beta Photographie

Let's preface this first by saying this isn't a slight to Calibre at all. When you break things down, Calibre will go down in dnb history as one of the best to do it. What's crazy is most casual dnb listeners don't know too many Irish producers outside of Calibre. The scene out there is strong, even if there haven't been a plethora of huge names to break out of Ireland. What's also great is that Ireland doesn't just breed one style of drum & bass - everything from neuro to liquid has emerged from the region. Let's show you what the Irish drum & bass massive is capable of, once you look past the beauty that is Calibre's material.

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