33 People Who Think Julio Bashmore’s New Single “Duccy” is Terrible

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You have to love the Internets. Two days ago, Julio Bashmore posted a preview of a forthcoming tune, “Duccy,” and it immediately started to receive a slew of comments on the SoundCloud page. We get people wanting him to recreate huge bangers like “Au Seve,” which we get, but we were into this new one, as were the likes of FACT, DJZ, and Pulse Radio. Every song can’t be anthemic, and we’d rather a producer have a more varied palette than that.

I guess you can’t please everyone, though.

Over the last two days, Twitter has been going ham about this tune. Everything from saying a five-year-old produced this to calling it “pony” (which is a term we might need to start working into our vernacular), the flame war is on. Julio’s not spoken out about this (yet), but we figured we’d let the DAD readership decide. Listen to the track below, then let us know what you think about the comments up above.

  • Finesse

    LOL that “song” was #SAD

  • Skrillex

    Au Seve sucks too

  • Shagia Metric

    this completely disappoints me. I think it has the potential to be a good song, but it’s so generic and boring compared to other house songs. just my opinion..

  • Linus

    It seems he’s trying to do a more stripped back tune. Sadly it doesn’t quite work out.

  • Sam

    Sorry peeps, but you haven’t seen this live! I agree it doesn’t sound amazing sat at my laptop, but it was the most incredible song he performed at Lovebox Festival!! Love it!!

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  • chowyunfat

    Your macbook speakers are completely biased to this track. I played it in a club and people were jammin’.