Liner Notes: Rell the Soundbender

rell shadow li Liner Notes: Rell the Soundbender

Rell The Soundbender. The name appears regularly on and on other blogs, but what do you really know about Rell? He's a DJ in his mid-twenties, not some fresh kid with a laptop and Twitter. After a chance meeting earlier this year, we kept in touch, and over time I learned that he's a man with a story and a grind. A story of innocent beginnings, hard work, hip-hop dreams, disappointment, tragedy, triumph, and optimism, Rell The Soundbender's story is worth every second of your time.

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  • Steven Hernandez

    Ed’s that dude, i had mad love & support from the get go of his Moombah/Trap career but didn’t know about all the prior struggle and come ups from the start. Humbles an understatement considering he makes an effort to communicate with fans and peers whenever possible instead of having mgnt do it for em. I already told him the roads stretching out ahead and he got alot more growth left & im pumped to see how the production styles evolve with it cause even doing mainstream genres he manages left of spectrum sound which true enthusiasts take notice to. I got my hands on alot of different projects myself and music production/promotion and freestyling being most relevent i see the struggle, and knowing Rell made it through just holding on to the love of the music versus chashing the money or success blindly gives me the energy to keep trucking on with the same ambition i had in the start. Great write up & brotha keep on making them moves man, RellTheSoundBenders gonna be a common name to all soon.