10 Melbourne Bounce DJs You Need to Know

melbourne bounce li 10 Melbourne Bounce DJs You Need to Know

The Melbourne bounce scene (or Melbourne house as it is also know known) has continued to grow. As of late, Will Sparks has remixed the Robin Thicke's massive Top 40 smash "Blurred Lines" in a Melbourne bounce style, Laidback Luke has done remixes in the same vein, TJR's Beatport #1 "What's Up Suckaz" embodies the sound just as his last #1 "Ode To Oi" did, too. MAKJ is playing edits with it, and Reece Low has got a Melbourne-flavored single coming on Dim Mak. This has truly been a long time coming.

You might be asking, though: "what the hell is a Melbourne bounce?" A progression from the uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, Melbourne bounce (which also at times fuses elements of acid house and psytrance) is a descendant of the electro house umbrella with inspiring party-hardy jams, raucous horns, and goofy, fun-loving sensibilities. The squelching horns will melt your mind on at a big festival stage or on a huge system. Don't be fooled by the style's sometimes comical nature, as there's no joke about this music. Since we know you'll be hearing more about this scene in the coming months, we decided to put you on to 10 Melbourne bounce DJs you need to know.

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  • Jobby

    What a crock of shite.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      is your beef with the genre or the DJs named?

  • Tkdk

    Wheres C-barts ????

  • boss

    he did the edit of ah yeah after ode to oi. just an fyi

  • Ian Griffin

    TJR’s Higher 2.0 is still one of my favourite tunes. never gets old.

  • DJ Aeronaut

    Melbourne House – dream the fuck on!!!
    Everybody around the world is playing it. The Beatport charts are testament to this. It’s just that the rest of the world is not so arrogant to think that it’s only particular to their area.
    How narrow-minded of you!
    If it was all produced in Melbourne, then you might have a leg to stand on, but guess what, it isn’t, so stop being a dick.

    • Jake

      I think you completely missed the point. This is a look at DJs who have largely been associated with the rapidly popularizing variety of music specifically known as Melbourne Bounce. This is not us saying they are all from Melbourne (Like TJR for instance), but rather highlighting a particular style that originated from a particular geographic region.

      In short, best get your reading comprehension skills up!

  • John Disgraceland Stanhope

    Seems reminiscent of Tony De Vit in some ways

  • Sam Lunar

    Totally forgot J-Trick

  • El Elliot

    Fucking love it!! Pretty much like dirty dutch, but with more flow.

  • Chris Cole

    i agree that they are influenced by the melbourne style house, but think their are way better dj’s to exhibit the real shit. will sparks went more main stream, every joel fletcher song has practically the same drop and TJR to me is a one hit wonder. what about chardy, erba, daniel healey, dean del, jiggers, etc? they make way more music with an actual melbourne feel.

  • Edmraver

    Totally forgot the man of bounce- Komes

  • Joel

    I love how everyone seems to forget that Melbourne Bounce is originally based on Minimal and Dutch House sounds, and not JUST Dutch.