Today’s Metalheadz Pick Their Favorite “Platinum Breakz” Tracks

MH DAD Main Todays Metalheadz Pick Their Favorite Platinum Breakz Tracks
Image via Simon Jones

Without a doubt, Metalheadz' Platinum Breakz series has been one of the most important in the drum & bass scene. These compilations have helped build not only the sound of the Metalheadz imprint, but has introduced a vital group of producers to the scene, many of which helped, as Optical might put it, shape the future of the scene. It's so intense that heads have been itching for the fourth edition to be released. Now the landscape of the Metalheadz roster has changed, but as you'll hear when Platinum Breakz 4 drops, they are moving in the same direction that they've always been: forward. Today, a number of select producers and figures in today's Metalheadz roster, all of which had a hand in making Platinum Breakz 4, selected their favorite tunes from previous Platinum Breakz compilations. This will be a proper education for those who are just getting into dnb, and a great look back for headz who were already in the know.

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  • The Colonel

    J. Majik, “Your Sound,” both the original and the remix. Seems like half of the uptempo track being made today cops its pummeling bassbeat, and that breaking snare is as lethal as the apache break . . .

    Good article! Now how bout one on how come nobody today can begin to match the majesty of these early tracks lol