10 Must See Movement Festival 2014 Acts

movement 2014 banner 10 Must See Movement Festival 2014 Acts
Image via Movement

While the dance music scene seems to go through different catch-all names every 20 (or so) years, we know who came before us. The Movement Festival moves into 2014 with one of its strongest lineups ever, and makes sure to not only include the originators of the scene, but the innovators, the students, and those who have loose affiliations to the soulful electronic sound. Plus, a festival of this magnitude being held in Detroit is guaranteed to be necessary.While you won't go wrong just standing near a stage and soaking its lineup in, we wanted to point out some acts that, for one reason or another, are on our radar. Be it special performances or just an all-around good time, these are the Movement performers you androids should not miss.

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