Interview: Oliver Speaks on Touring with Zedd, Film Scores, and Disco


If you’ve been reading DAD since the beginning, you’d know we’ve been all about Oliver. They’re affiliated with Fool’s Gold, and have that quirky outlook on dance music that we love, while creating some of the finest retro-sounding grooves we’ve heard in a while, even if you’re not rating them as highly as you should be. Don’t worry, they’ll just be remixing Mayer Hawthorne and Donna Summer while you wait. We told you that you needed to check their set out during Day 2 of this year’s Electric Zoo, and we made sure we were there. We got a chance to ppick their brains about everything from being a part of Zedd‘s “Moment of Clarity” tour and their favorite Kubrick films to the 2013 disco resurgence and the possibility of a live Oliver show. The guys were more than gracious with their time, and gave us a lot to think about regarding their future.

So it’s Saturday, day 2 of Made Event’s Electric Zoo. Is this is your first time at Electric Zoo? Did you play last year?
U-Tern: It’s all a blur honestly, but I think this is our first time.
Oligee: Yeah, I think it is our first time ever.

And although you played Zoo today, you guys just started a tour with Zedd and Alex Metric. How’s that going—
U-Tern: You know it started off tragically, but these things happen, unfortunately…it was the very beginning–

Yeah definitely, although this isn’t exclusive to this tour at all, and it’s something we need to look at as a scene.
U-Tern: Definitely, like I said, it’s tragic, of course, but these things happen unfortunately.

Right…and the show must go on. Are you guys all traveling on this tour together? How are you getting around, flying, buses, caravans?
U-Tern: Bus, we have a couple buses.

Do each of you have your own buses?
Oligee: Not really, we have a couple different buses, but we like to mix it up. Zedd and a couple of his crew guys have a bus, and then Alex and us and a couple of our crew guys have a bus. Then there’s also another big truck that carries all the production stuff like the lighting, the LEDs and stuff.

So, now you guys are all going to be on the road together, can we expect collaborations with Alex and possibly Zedd?
Oligee: Not sure really! I know we’ve worked with Alex in the past and will continue to do that, and I’m sure there’s a possibility we’ll do something with Zedd at some point.
U-Tern: Yeah I can’t say for sure if we’d do something with Zedd at this point, because he’s obviously so busy and he’s got a huge hit record right now. Obviously this thing, this Moment of Clarity tour, is very important to him right now but you never know! He’s got his studio on the bus, so maybe we’ll bang something out together, who really knows?!

Yeah definitely, and you mentioned Zedd’s great success so far, but you guys have recently had your own success with your EP, for one, or like closing out the Underground Stage on the first day of HARD Summer in Los Angeles just a few short weeks ago. How was that?
U-Tern: It was awesome! Really, really cool and we love playing all the HARD events. Those are definitely our favorite.

Yeah and you guys have a working relationship with Destructo (Gary Richards, the DJ moniker/alter-ego of HARD Events founder) right?
Both: Yes.

Can you guys explain that dynamic a little bit?
Oligee: Well, you know we make music together and he also helps us and kind of co-manages us. He helps us out that way and books us at all his events–
U-Tern: Yeah I mean, we basically just help each other out. We help him with music and he helps us with getting bookings and stuff like that. So obviously getting that spot at HARD isn’t something we could normally book so we’re a little spoiled with that and we really are grateful for it.