Meet the People Keeping Moombahton Alive

nadastrom sabo li Meet the People Keeping Moombahton Alive

Recently, we took a cue from a recent Munchi post on Facebook to play devil's advocate and ponder the current state of moombahton. While the post played with the many perceptions and issues that goes into following moombahton (and the current state of EDM as a whole), many seem to have mistaken the post as us saying that the genre was definitely dead. We're not in that boat. We love moombahton, have been posting it since the rip, and want to make sure that the scene continues to grow. To further that point, we decided to go in depth and shine a light on the artists and entities that are helping moombahton thrive. Check out these DJs, producers, and imprints that are making sure that the heart of the moombah scene is keeping that sexy beat booming.

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  • Abhayjeet

    Moombahton is not dead, it just needs some more people in the highlight

  • Bertohhh

    I live in DC and Moombahton Massive sells out every single time and the guests they bring in keep this party alive. Shoutouts to Nada and Nordstrom for keeping the fire lit especially in the birthplace of moombahton

  • Demitri Sanity

    Nice Kapo!!! come see him perform tomorrow!!!

  • Carter

    Why would anyone hate Diplo? He’s done nothing but positive things for many genres and producers alike.

    • khal

      I take it you’ve never seen the hate for Diplo on the Internet then.

      • Carter

        No I always see thing like “Love him or hate him…” but I’ve seen nothing but good things written about him on the internet. What don’t people like about him?

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