Rolling Stone Italia Just Offended the Entire EDM Culture, and We’re Wondering Why

I had to transcribe this video before reacting to it: “What the hell are you doing?  Electronic noises you’re trying to pass off as music.  Is this your drug now?  This is what gives you a buzz when you’re up at the mixer, right?  DJs.  Criminals with a license to shoot shit into our eardrums.  Low quality MP3 pushers.   Third class whores that give it away to the first bidder.  You feel like superstars, huh?  The owners of our night time.  Heroes of the stage.  No audience will ever chant your name.  They’ll never know your songs by heart.  Because you are an anonymity    The day will come when your vocoders explode and your CDs catch fire.”

This goes on, and ends with Rolling Stone‘s logo and Italian mantra, “la bibbia del rock & roll.”  Either this was a misguided shot, or someone thought it would be a good idea to spice things up and drum up some press for a struggling magazine. I can’t fathom though how any publication would fund someone to create a visual slam piece offending an entire culture, then get the thumbs up from editorial to release it.  This video was the vision of director Federico Brugia, who’s previous work includes advertisements for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.  The budget for this nightmare must have been outrageous.  It’s also been published for nearly a week, and would have undoubtedly been pulled if it wasn’t given a nod.  We also see it posted on the Italian Rolling Stone website.

In some ways, I actually get where this video is coming from.  The mainstream perception of electronic dance music isn’t the prettiest.  Drug use within this culture is a serious issue.  And we certainly have issue with the lack of diversity in the mainstream. But this is overboard, a misrepresentation of what artists stand for, and is completely uncalled for.  The Italian edition of Rolling Stone focuses more on rock music than what’s sold in stores in the Unites States, covers much less electronic music, and doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what the parent company is doing.  Their content is almost completely different, and this includes the covers of their magazines.  But the irony here is that the Italian arm of this brand is essentially attacking the American one in its’ slam of popular music, as the parent company has a history of wrapping features around the biggest artists that they can find onto their covers, despite their contributions to the genre that this video suggests should be deemed holy.

Rick Ross? Lil Wayne? Justin Timberlake? Jay Z? Wiz Khalifa? Eminem? Kanye West? Macklemore? All of these faces have graced the American covers of this iconic magazine in the past few years. We’re pretty sure that none of them have very much to do with rock at all.  Neither do Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Lady Gaga.  If there’s a genre to be upset with, it’s pop music.  This visual stab could have been sent directly to their own New York offices.  We’re not sure how EDM got caught in the middle of this.

This video is so incredibly one-sided and misconstrued that I don’t even know why I’m upset about it.  It was fueled by people who don’t have any real knowledge of our culture. Or perhaps this is an incredibly calculated troll.  But whatever the case may be, Italian’s edition of Rolling Stone, no matter how different their content and outlook on music is, released an incredibly offensive video with English narration that dons the company name. And Italy’s parent company is just as much to blame for the problem that they’re complaining about as the dance music culture is. To point the finger at artists and scoff at broad audiences is ridiculous, and Rolling Stone needs to take a look at themselves before they spend any more money sending shots.

  • Marcel Acid Jaques

    Well, they’re Italian. It’s a rather xenophobic country with little interest in anything that is not Italian. As a result there is a serious lack of connection with the outside world.

    • L

      Well, you’re ignorant and a racist. Just because an ad agency has created a bad commercial you think you can judge an entire country?

      • P

        Marcel is right. It’s not ignorant or racist. Have you been to Italy?

        • ad

          Yes I have. Rome was racist as fuck

      • Marcel Acid Jaques

        No I’m from Italy.

    • DavidGilling

      I disagree.
      Italy has big-name deejays/EDM producers like Benny Benassi, Crookers and Daddy’s Groove to name a few.
      And (international) EDM is much more popular in Italy than it is in Britain; I know because I’m an Italian living in Wales.
      Rolling Stone Italia is just a crappy magazine and they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’ve read enough articles on their website to prove that.

      • Pepe

        Lol at Daddy’s Groove.

      • KapaMoraski

        There are Bloody Beetroots, Cyberpunkers and Congorock, to name some other more :)

    • nicolone

      Italy does have a problem with racism but they aren’t especially closed off. I lived there for a year and the radio and music television was much more eclectic than what I was used to in England, they still listen to the English language music from UK and US but they listen to other languages as well unlike in the ‘anglosphere’ where we don’t get to hear much outside of that without seeking it out.

      Judging the country by a trolling article in RS is a bit dumb, like any nation, if you actually educated yourself instead of just making dumb statements you’d realise that Italy is a very complicated society.
      The American RS did a ‘best 100 albums ever’ about a month ago and it was about 95% stadium rock from the 70s. What does that say about America? Very little…

      • Marcel Acid Jaques

        Again, I’m from Italy.

  • Malik DrumFunk Martin

    This is a bit extreme. EDM will and is evolving in many forms. Some people just miss The Beetles.

    • Beav

      Dance music has been evolving for the past 30 or so years…

      • Malik DrumFunk Martin

        yes. i don’t get your point.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      …or their youth. Neither will return. Deal!

      • Malik DrumFunk Martin

        2 replies = twice as confused…

  • robert memo

    ive heard an entire island full of people chant out BOOOOORIIIISSSSSSSSS BORRIIIISSSSSS… SO that in itself proves this one sided video wrong… fucking idiots non music lovers

    • R.V.A.L.D.E.Z

      governors island?

  • kelsey

    It’s silly how they say that EDM is fake music while touting Miley Cyrus licking herself on a recent cover. Is that the “real” music they’re talking about? Kill me now.

    • douchecanoe

      miley cyrus is edm

      • kelsey

        …and that makes the video all the more ironic.

      • Anonymity

        and thats where everything goes wrong.
        Mainstream music IS becoming EDM.
        I’ve enjoyed the whole electronic music genre and all the artists that are now becoming big before they were big, oh you know back 5, 10+ years that they’ve been around, but not known?
        Do you know what is most represented to people who know nothing of EDM? Drugs. Sex. Pleasure.
        I mean the video proves that.
        Do you know whats becoming an ever growing topic? Drugs. Teenagers involved in drugs, and of course where else should you trip balls all night either than a rave/massive event?
        So now lets put this all together, Mainstream = EDM and Raves. EDM & Raves = Drugs, Sex.
        Which means Mainstream music, which has already been highly talking about drugs sex, has just found a new outlet for it, a place for people to gather and experience these things together. Instead of just listening to it in the car, now you can go with your friends to a place with pretty lights and sounds and pictures and people.
        Whos in charge of Mainstream bullshit? Social Media, Society, and those who are in charge who control everything that is put out onto that TV n Computer Screen.
        Rolling Stones is a foreshadow. The future is going to be changing drastically, and social media, Music is going to play a role.

        • khal

          Are you new? Drugs in dance music culture has always been a topic. Always. Big media throwing EDM out there and flocking to drug stories isn’t new.

  • Coletrain Carson

    sounds like jealously to me.

  • jason cardot

    Both music cultures currently exist. Let them go their separate ways and evolve.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      Nice comment. Thanks.


    I’m not sure how closely-associated the author of that rant really is with Rolling Stone. While I can’t stand RS because it’s run by pathetic hippies who haven’t grown a bit since the 1960s, I wouldn’t expect even them to say things so dumb.

    But whoever wrote that is definitely fighting a losing battle. Electronic music is the future, and guitars and rock are the past. The irony is that when rock music first came out, its attackers sounded just like this. The electric guitar was treated to the same vicious treatment by acoustic musicians.

    Be joyful. Haters gotta hate, and they always focus on the things that bring the most happiness to others!

  • nicolone

    In answer to the matter of ‘why?’ that the journalist asks, quite simply they are trolling to generate attention and clicks.

  • max b

    I like electric music ok…and I love this I think its spot on for the most part! But a persons interest is just that their interest …who am I to judge what someone thinks is “the best” in music. But lets gget serious it takes a little more talent to be pink floyd than it does to be skrillex lol

  • Stephen Ruiz

    Rolling Stone (ALL of RS, not just Italy) hasn’t been a credible source for music in 20+ years. Who cares what they think.

    • Ian Adonis

      I’m using this as an intro to my next big DJ set. It’s so ironic it’s a joke more than anything else. It’s was created to cause a big stir. It’s a pity they had to sensationalize their poor attempt at attacking it. It’s as old as hip hop, more than 30 years and still going strong. Always under estimated. It’s fine they can say what they want they have no clue what it means to us!

  • Jason

    Sounds like a bunch of ignorant statements made by some ignorant people with some ignorant information. EDM is the future and guitars and rock are the past? Sheesh. Music is music. Whether it’s from the past, present or future really doesn’t matter In my opinion. I love electronica and it’s a daily listen in my headphones but I’ll take pure, organic music from instruments over some processed garbage pop or whatever is being passed off as music ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Quit over generalizing, stereotyping and talking straight out of your ass. My ears hurt enough as it is without having to read your dense ass comments. You KNOW who you are…

  • kgbdk

    Give me a break. Italy is where Italo Disco came from, and that was one of the most influential electronic music scenes in history. If some American music journalists spouted off about some other country’s music scene, how fair would it be to blame all Americans? Generalizing an entire country’s population of minds, particularly from the United States, the most culturally diverse culture in the world, is pure ignorance. It would be just as ignorant to classify all Italians as being ignorant. Look up Alexander Robotnik and Italo Disco documentary on Youtube. Many electronic musicians and scenes have been influenced by the Italo disco scene, knowingly or not. The sad thing is that even in Italy, producers of Italo disco became outcasts once it went out of style.

  • Alex Sychosis

    Let’s call a spade a spade here: First off, Rolling Stone has always been tongue in cheek-we really shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t take a joke. Second, the things listed are ruining the culture-EDM is pop music! Don’t make it seem like there is some kind of separation now, there isn’t-yes there is still a massive amount of underground sound, but what they are referring to..that my friend is pop music now. Third, can we please stop using the term EDM?

    • khal

      You used EDM twice in your comment, so no.

      • Mike

        He meant starting now, haha

  • John Terry

    here’s one response I like a lot.

  • Gordon

    That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing.

  • Paul Buthe

    GFY and STFU Rolling Stone-Rock and Roll has been dead since the 60s you bunch of losers.

  • sweet vid

    This video makes DJing seem really awesome, and now I want some drugs

  • sighns

    I think it is incredibly stupid that people are “offended” by a viewpoint that differs from their own. Especially when it is from a magazine that anyone who is part of American EDM culture would most likely never read/interact with in any way whatsoever.

  • Amanda Mejia

    Poor loosers (the people from Rolling Stone Italy)…they are jealous about the GORGEOUS electronic REAL MUSIC. Miley Cirus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry???… come on!!! that isn’t even Rock and Roll… that’s bu** sh**!!!!…
    Hope they do a public apologize… SOON.

  • Amanda Mejia

    Poor losers (the people from Rolling Stone Italy)…are they jealous about the GORGEOUS electronic REAL MUSIC?.
    Miley Cirus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry?… come on!!! that isn’t even Rock and Roll… that’s bu** sh**!!!!…
    Hope Rolling Stone Magazine do a public apologize… SOON.

  • Jasmine Mullet

    I cant wait till a DJ remixes that voice over into a dope EDM track!!!!

  • migesss

    The tune from the commercial is actually really good IMO!
    Does anybody know if its only made for the commercial or its a song that I can download somewhere??

  • Rug Nerva

    That was made in the 2010. And it’s the reverse story.
    Rock off, Rave on.

  • tu pinchi papa

    The rock and roll bible?? hahahahaha i guess it would be because they both are full of bullshit that only stupid masses believe and care about.

  • Julian Colucci

    I mean let’s be real though… If you go 95% of electronic shows now you wish 95% of the people weren’t there

    • khal

      c’mon, man, PLUR. lol

  • Luis

    As if there are no drugs at rock concerts. THEY ARE full of drugs.
    The video was certainly made to shake up the press around the magazine, which turned out very effective. RollingStone, promote your Marketing Executive.

  • fucknigga

    well i dont give a fuck. vid has material for visuals.
    rule of the universe #69 haters gon hate.

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